Monday, January 02, 2012


Yay for my little corner of the blogosphere where I can publish my daily achievements and feel like I managed to accomplish something (aside from setting a new world record for most consecutive hours spent in bed watching tv...)

Today I woke up ridiculously early - I was supposed to go get a blood-test done at 7:15am - but turns out they changed the lab hours (again) and they weren't even open today.

I didn't mean for today to be quite so productive - but my over-sensitive nose and unsettled stomach couldn't handle the lingering scents of 'people' and 'everyday living' that were permeating the apartment. I ended up showering, pampering my feet a little, changing the sheets (which meant washing the dirty linens, which meant filling the loads so by default meant washing the small amount of laundry that had accumulated since Thursday. Then since the machines were going and I was on a roll I figured I might as well wash the floor-mats which I'd been meaning to wash for the last two months or so...) Like a crazy person I opened the windows/doors and let in the frigid outside air. Sure it was cold as it brought the indoor temperature down from 57F to 52F but hey - it got rid of the stench - which made my nose happy and helped to settle my stomach.

When my nausea abated I realized I was in the mood for some lunch - so I cooked up a batch of baked ziti. Since I was in the kitchen anyway I cleared off the draining racks and put away all of the dishes. Z came Home for lunch between classes and was surprised to be treated to a 'real' lunch. There was even enough to pack up 2 servings for lunch for tomorrow - so the boys have what to take with them to eat on their 'long' Tuesday in school.

I spent the majority of the afternoon being lazy and hiding out in the office (because the heater was on and it was toasty in there.)

I even decided to make dinner (cause I'm just tooooo nice sometimes) yellow rice and oven-baked honey-mustard shnitzel. It came out of the oven just as the boys walked in and it smelled quite good - I'm hoping it tastes good too (even though I know the flavors of the rice and the the marinade don't quite jive... I know I know - I'm such a food-snob.)

And in other news - Z has informed me that he suffers from an affliction known as 'pregnancy brain'... Anybody else wondering when he's due?

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