Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Except February...

Happy Leap Day everybody!

Yesterday was our 4th (English) wedding anniversary. I spent it in bed sipping tea, eating plain pasta 10 noodles at a time and blowing my nose. Z spent the day in Jerusalem at Day 3 of the Ecoweek seminar - then he missed the 'early' bus Home which meant that he got back to The Middle of Nowhere at around 9pm (when the torrential rains had begun.) In an attempt to be a nice wife I tossed pjs and a towel into the dryer to get toasty warm while he made his way up the mountain from the bus stop. He got me a nice 3-part present - a new book (Wicked), a new fuzzy buddy and a Playmobil 'knight in shining armor'. Thankfully the Hebrew date is coming up in a couple of weeks so we'll get a second chance to celebrate with a nice meal and whatnot.

Not much else to report. The weatherman is predicting 'snow/sleet' but I'm slightly skeptical. I'm pretty sure it'll only happen if Z goes to Jerusalem - because then he won't be able to get back home. (Yup - slight paranoia.)

I'll be staying in bed today too (with a hot water bottle) since the temperature is supposed to plummet and the heater dries me out too much to run. I really have to invest in a humidifier...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza & Eyeballs


Wednesday Night - thanks to a stomach-bug and near dehydration (thanks heaters for drying me out more than I realized) we didn't make it to the wedding. We made it about 15 minutes from the house before being forced to turn around. It was a serious bummer. Thankfully the guys didn't mind too much. Let loose in the kitchen and made themselves a top-notch dinner (All-beef hot-dogs, chips, salad, veggies, fried onions and the works) and took amazing care of me. Then they enjoyed an early game-night of Settlers.

Thursday - Relative super-quiet-ness following the excitement of the beginning of the week. I didn't get anything done because I'd decided it was prudent to rest-up. To add shame to injury - Z's cold intensified and I forced him to down some Nyquils in an attempt to help him get some cough-free / sneeze-free sleep.

Friday - Z & I went to town in the morning. (You could tell that I was feeling 'under-the-weather' because Z suggested we buy challah and I was all in favor.) Back at Home I was grateful for my 'freezer stock' of food. I quickly threw together the last few things and the meals were all ready to go. Meanwhile - Z took a 3 hour nap on the couch.

Shabbos Day was spent in rest and recuperation. We basically slept the entire day. The good thing was that at the end of the 25 hours we were both feeling much better.

Sunday morning Z woke up super-early for his first day of the 'Ecoweek' seminar. He and his friends had to be in Holon by 10am. They took the car - which left me home alone with only the bus for transportation (gosh I've gotten spoiled.) It was actually an almost ideal situation seeing as I desperately needed a kick in the bottom to get moving on a project that I've had simmering on the back burner. 6 hours of work later and the project was about 1/3 done! (It's a BIG project - so that's actually a VERY impressive amount of work.)

Z actually made it home on time and we headed out to Renat & Dan's 7-brachot on the other side of town. It was a dairy pot-luck hosted by the 'Anglos of Ariel'. In addition to being a great way for the new couple to meet our cute little group it gave the community a nice reason to get together! It was great to see everybody. (And boy oh boy was there a lot of exciting news to share!)

We made it home a little before 11pm and Z went straight to sleep so that he'd be able to get up on time this morning. I had less luck in the sleeping department - Jellybean randomly decided that between the hours of 11pm-3am was the perfect time to perfect all samurai-moves, waltzing and kickboxing. (Why can't the kid do something peaceful and calming at those hours - like oh I don't know - yoga!?) *Sigh* I love you already kid - but seriously - come on!

Z was up and out of the house by 7:00 this morning. He left me with provisions: pita, peanut butter, crackers, potato chips, mini chocolate chip cookies and a BIG (2 liter) bottle of water (with specific instructions to drink it all, refill it when it's done, then drink as much as I can.)

He'll be in Jerusalem for the remainder of the seminar and hopefully he won't get Home too late.

I've got to figure out tomorrow nights anniversary fun and on Wednesday night Ita might be coming to visit! I've got to finish the project from yesterday and I should really tackle the mess in the guest room (and about a zillion other chores that I've been neglecting.) I guess I could always just bake a batch of muffins and call my day productive...

Haha - I might just do that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Granola is Awesome!

Wow - where'd a whole week (and more) go?! Oh yeah - tying knots, measuring strings, trying to get comfortable lying down, bouncing on my awesome yoga-ball and more or less just trying to stay awake long enough to get stuff done (not that all-that-much is actually getting accomplished - besides for this project anyway.)
250 meters of string, 500 washers, 26 HUGE balloons
and a lot more hours than you've got fingers and toes...
Last Friday morning Z & I ran a bunch of errands around town and then I stopped by S&S to drop off challah-rolls and really enjoyed spending some time with them (sorry if I overstayed my welcome on an erev-Shabbos! I just love you guys!) Shabbos in The Sun House was a lot of fun - like it usually is. Sunday we rushed back to the-middle-of-nowhere and the rest of the day was spent working non-stop on strings.
Monday was 'assembly day' in the studio - and the longest day I've had in AGES. I was literally out of the house from 8:45am Monday morning until 2am Tuesday morning. We hit a snafu with the string project at the very end when it didn't want to stand - but we managed to resolve it with an extra 3.5 hours of work. On Monday night we also visited a hospital in Tel-Aviv to tour the maternity ward... It was really exciting and I'm pretty sure we've 'found our place'. Equidistant from the 2 places we'll be at the 'crucial' time.

Tuesday was spent down at studio-presentations. The actual presentation seemed to go well and while the girls in the class got all 'happy' and smiley from the colorful balloons the boys were like little kids who just wanted to climb all over the structure. It was really funny. We left on the earlier side so that Z could work on the next 'thing' (our house) which he'll hopefully be sitting with his teacher about tomorrow.
Click on the link to start Exploring the Weaire–Phelan structure
Today has been seemingly unproductive (but that's kind of nice after the insanity of the last week.) Truth be told though I've been busy - but more on the phone than anything else. I booked a childbirth/labor course - which will be held in Tel Aviv in the next couple of weeks. We also contacted a 'milonit' (baby-hotel) - which is attached to the hospital where we'll be going - it's like a little 2 night vacation where Z can stay with me after birth, with fully staffed nursery, attached to the hospital, counselors&consultants for any and all questions. That way - just in case it's the middle of the night or turns out to be Shabbos or whatnot - Z won't have to worry about going Home and then getting back to the hospital. It sounds too good to be true!

I'm pretty sure I've figured out what to make for shalach-manot. Now I just have to decide what to make for Shabbos and what to bring to sheva-brachot next Sunday.

Did I mention that tonight is Dan & Renat's wedding in Jeru? Yeah - so we'll be heading out there to join in the festivities.

Looking at my calendar makes my head spin. After 3 weeks of insanity - the next 'normal'/routine week is just 2.5 short weeks away! (I'm not looking any further because truthfully - that's when the 'real' insanity will start!)
For more photos click HERE
But all for good-things - so I can't complain!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lemons to Lemonade...

If you've ever wanted to feel like a domestic goddess then I've found the perfect recipe...

Picture this:

Sitting in your tidy kitchen, on a comfortable chair, in a puddle of sunlight reading a great book while waiting for fluffy buttermilk pancakes on the griddle to be ready to flip at the leisurely hour of 9:45am.

Granted - at 32 weeks pregnant I probably won't get too many more mornings like this - which is why I popped out of bed with a 'carpe diem' attitude this morning.

Ok - well that and also - I really wanted pancakes...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rope Burn...

Day 2 of project-foam model-building.
3D computer model of the project
1.5 balls (out of 25) 
Here's 1 side of 1 ball
Prototype with 'tiny' balloons
(the finished project will be held up with meter-wide balloons)
Fancy little knots
Trying to lay out the first row of 4-balls
Work Station
Today was relatively productive. I did a load of laundry. I baked a batch of chocolate chip muffins. I also spent over an hour at the post office - waiting to pick up my new yoga/exercise ball - which I promptly inflated and spent 4 hours sitting on (and when I stood up it was the first time in months that my entire pelvic-region wasn't twanging and in pain! SCORE!!!) I also stopped off at the grocery store and picked up eggs and milk so that I can make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!

For the record - the 4 hours spent on the yoga ball were not unproductive. I bounced along to some happy-sounding-music and helped Z and his partner measure strings and tie decorative knots through countless washers. The project is about a fifth complete - the HUGE (meter-in-diameter) balloons will be arriving in the next 3 days - but can't actually get inserted into the string-frame and inflated until the day before the project needs to be presented. We'll be tying knots until the day the project is due too.

If you've got some sort of penchant for rope-burn or ridiculous projects feel free to come on by and help us measure and tie.

I'm happy to pay in muffins or cookies or pancakes...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

32 - Squash!

Last Wednesday was very busy. I spent the day out with The Crazy Lady and Freddie. We shopped for 'Little Things' - we were very successful and had a whole lot of fun.

Thursday was spent making chicken soup and watching Z work on the next project (due in about 2 weeks.) I made spirala a'la vodka (we were out of penne) for lunch and it turned out deliciously.

Friday was wet, rainy and miserable outside. We got the cooking and cleaning done relatively quickly. (Well, I got my stuff done anyway.) Then we set up the heaters anticipating a very chilly weekend. Friday night the apartment was actually bearably warm - having both radiators running (with all extra bedroom & bathroom doors closed) got the temperature up to a toasty 63F - which is QUITE an improvement over the 55F we've been averaging lately.

Today was relaxing and we felt silly having the heaters running because it was absolutely delightful and sunny outside.

All in all quite a nice quiet Shabbos. It's nice when it's just the two of us sometimes.

Friday Night: roasted garlic, matbucha, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, vegetable soup (large onion, 2 carrots, 1 zucchini, 2 medium potatoes, 1/4 cup split peas, 3 Tbsp pearled barley, 2 liters water, salt & pepper, dash garlic powder), Sara Schapiro (sesame) chicken, couscous, peas

Shabbos Lunch: roasted garlic, matbucha, chumus, eggplant parmesan, potato gratin

Dessert: Blondies (with extra chocolate chips)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Koala Face!

My plan for today was to stay in bed. I was almost successful but not quite...I actually ended up being relatively productive when all was said and done.

I made a batch of cream cheese, washed 3 loads of laundry (including the hook-rugs on a gentle-cycle - so that I can take them to be framed), I organized the arts-n-crafts bins (and realized I've got just 2.5 squares left to do for the blanket I started knitting about 7 years ago), I organized a few shelves in the office and the papers on the shelves of the coffee table, organized my 2011 'income declaration' for the tax-man (now I need to pass by a mailbox), and cleared off the dining room table.

Z's friends came over early this afternoon and they spent all day studying for their huge final in 'building codes and laws' for tomorrow. I figured they deserved a nice dinner so I made a 'wok-ful' of chicken stir-fry which was served over perfectly-cooked white rice. Either they were starving or it was really good - because there weren't any leftovers.

After dinner I made myself comfortable in bed and caught up on some tv that I'd been hoarding. Eventually the guys finished reviewing all of their material and decided to play a game of Settlers. I'm hoping the game will go quickly and everyone can get an early night - mostly because I'm exhausted...

Tomorrow should be fun and busy for me. Visitors and outings and more laundry - yay!

Wishing Z lots of luck on his test tomorrow!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Orange Goes Down

Ok - fingers crossed that this one works.

Main Floor:
Dining Room
Living Room
Guest Room / Den
1.5 Bathrooms

Second Level:
3 Bedrooms
Master Bedroom
2 Bathrooms
Laundry Room

Open Area (for future development)

Yeah - that should do it...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Braaaaain Sluuuug!

We spent Shabbos in The Sun House. It was a highly enjoyable weekend - as are all our weekends there. Just the little boys and the littler sister were Home but we still had a whole lot of fun. It was Grandma Iris' 17th yartzheit and Yo'Abba davened mussaf (so I dragged myself up the hill to be able to hear it. He did a GREAT job!) We spent the afternoon playing Settlers - because it's just so much fun - heeheehee...

Saturday night we watched some TV, got educated about which cuts of meat correspond to which numbers here in The Holy Land and how to cook them, and tried to figure out how to entertain ourselves - until somehow it was 10:30pm and we all decided that the best course of action was probably to go to sleep.

Sunday morning rolled around bright and sunny. Trip to the pharmacy, some SuperH shopping and then an ultrasound, a few minutes finding some lunch, an unsuccessful trip to a baby-stuff-store and a little while longer deciding what to do next... Eventually Z got frustrated to we packed up the car and headed off towards Home.

Along the way we stopped off in Shilat to meet with our future neighbor and pick up a paper from him. While we were there we dropped into Rami Levy and bought some treats and switched our cell-phone plans over (cause they've got the cheapest rate available in the country at the moment. Even cheaper than what the carriers offer for weekend 'soldier' plans! So that's pretty cheap!)

We were going to detour to visit friends in Chashmonaim but made a wrong turn which meant we were on the road home - so we took it as a 'sign' and came Home instead. On our way into the city we picked up pizza for dinner (gosh it's weird to be able to do that - I'm enjoying it 'while I can'!)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Do Nothing Day(s)...

Yesterday I shlepped myself out of bed at 7:30am, got dressed as quickly as I could and ran out to get my monthly bloodwork done. (They only draw blood between 7:30am-9am and I've learned that the trick to getting in & out quickly is to get there before 8.) I made it across town and was ready to head home just as a dozen people wandered into the clinic.

I spent about an hour putting together a a little invitation for a client. I was thrilled that they liked the first design that I sent them. It was a painless project, they're really sweet people and it gave me something to do. The rest of the day was boring - I caught up on some tv, washed most of the dishes (well - whatever there was space for on the drying racks) and figured the best place for me was warm and toasty in bed with a hot water bottle.

Today was only a drop more productive than yesterday. I got 2 loads of laundry done, ate so much I thought my stomach would pop, and answered 2-dozen phone calls (it was one of those rare days when both phones rang - a lot.)

Truth be told - I spent most of the day in bed with a toasty hot water bottle watching tv. I got up and walked a bunch of laps around the apartment because I figured I need some minimal level of exercise.

It rained a lot today. ('A lot' might be an understatement of sorts...) The ceiling is dripping from 3 places in the apartment now. (Yes - the fix-it-people know they have to deal with it - but it can't be done until the springtime rolls around - or the concrete won't set and dry properly and they'll just have to fix it again...)

I love keeping my fridge and freezer stocked with soup - it's a great way to warm up my insides and my fingers. Mmmmm, mugs of soup!