Saturday, February 11, 2012

32 - Squash!

Last Wednesday was very busy. I spent the day out with The Crazy Lady and Freddie. We shopped for 'Little Things' - we were very successful and had a whole lot of fun.

Thursday was spent making chicken soup and watching Z work on the next project (due in about 2 weeks.) I made spirala a'la vodka (we were out of penne) for lunch and it turned out deliciously.

Friday was wet, rainy and miserable outside. We got the cooking and cleaning done relatively quickly. (Well, I got my stuff done anyway.) Then we set up the heaters anticipating a very chilly weekend. Friday night the apartment was actually bearably warm - having both radiators running (with all extra bedroom & bathroom doors closed) got the temperature up to a toasty 63F - which is QUITE an improvement over the 55F we've been averaging lately.

Today was relaxing and we felt silly having the heaters running because it was absolutely delightful and sunny outside.

All in all quite a nice quiet Shabbos. It's nice when it's just the two of us sometimes.

Friday Night: roasted garlic, matbucha, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, vegetable soup (large onion, 2 carrots, 1 zucchini, 2 medium potatoes, 1/4 cup split peas, 3 Tbsp pearled barley, 2 liters water, salt & pepper, dash garlic powder), Sara Schapiro (sesame) chicken, couscous, peas

Shabbos Lunch: roasted garlic, matbucha, chumus, eggplant parmesan, potato gratin

Dessert: Blondies (with extra chocolate chips)

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