Sunday, February 05, 2012

Braaaaain Sluuuug!

We spent Shabbos in The Sun House. It was a highly enjoyable weekend - as are all our weekends there. Just the little boys and the littler sister were Home but we still had a whole lot of fun. It was Grandma Iris' 17th yartzheit and Yo'Abba davened mussaf (so I dragged myself up the hill to be able to hear it. He did a GREAT job!) We spent the afternoon playing Settlers - because it's just so much fun - heeheehee...

Saturday night we watched some TV, got educated about which cuts of meat correspond to which numbers here in The Holy Land and how to cook them, and tried to figure out how to entertain ourselves - until somehow it was 10:30pm and we all decided that the best course of action was probably to go to sleep.

Sunday morning rolled around bright and sunny. Trip to the pharmacy, some SuperH shopping and then an ultrasound, a few minutes finding some lunch, an unsuccessful trip to a baby-stuff-store and a little while longer deciding what to do next... Eventually Z got frustrated to we packed up the car and headed off towards Home.

Along the way we stopped off in Shilat to meet with our future neighbor and pick up a paper from him. While we were there we dropped into Rami Levy and bought some treats and switched our cell-phone plans over (cause they've got the cheapest rate available in the country at the moment. Even cheaper than what the carriers offer for weekend 'soldier' plans! So that's pretty cheap!)

We were going to detour to visit friends in Chashmonaim but made a wrong turn which meant we were on the road home - so we took it as a 'sign' and came Home instead. On our way into the city we picked up pizza for dinner (gosh it's weird to be able to do that - I'm enjoying it 'while I can'!)

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