Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Granola is Awesome!

Wow - where'd a whole week (and more) go?! Oh yeah - tying knots, measuring strings, trying to get comfortable lying down, bouncing on my awesome yoga-ball and more or less just trying to stay awake long enough to get stuff done (not that all-that-much is actually getting accomplished - besides for this project anyway.)
250 meters of string, 500 washers, 26 HUGE balloons
and a lot more hours than you've got fingers and toes...
Last Friday morning Z & I ran a bunch of errands around town and then I stopped by S&S to drop off challah-rolls and really enjoyed spending some time with them (sorry if I overstayed my welcome on an erev-Shabbos! I just love you guys!) Shabbos in The Sun House was a lot of fun - like it usually is. Sunday we rushed back to the-middle-of-nowhere and the rest of the day was spent working non-stop on strings.
Monday was 'assembly day' in the studio - and the longest day I've had in AGES. I was literally out of the house from 8:45am Monday morning until 2am Tuesday morning. We hit a snafu with the string project at the very end when it didn't want to stand - but we managed to resolve it with an extra 3.5 hours of work. On Monday night we also visited a hospital in Tel-Aviv to tour the maternity ward... It was really exciting and I'm pretty sure we've 'found our place'. Equidistant from the 2 places we'll be at the 'crucial' time.

Tuesday was spent down at studio-presentations. The actual presentation seemed to go well and while the girls in the class got all 'happy' and smiley from the colorful balloons the boys were like little kids who just wanted to climb all over the structure. It was really funny. We left on the earlier side so that Z could work on the next 'thing' (our house) which he'll hopefully be sitting with his teacher about tomorrow.
Click on the link to start Exploring the Weaire–Phelan structure
Today has been seemingly unproductive (but that's kind of nice after the insanity of the last week.) Truth be told though I've been busy - but more on the phone than anything else. I booked a childbirth/labor course - which will be held in Tel Aviv in the next couple of weeks. We also contacted a 'milonit' (baby-hotel) - which is attached to the hospital where we'll be going - it's like a little 2 night vacation where Z can stay with me after birth, with fully staffed nursery, attached to the hospital, counselors&consultants for any and all questions. That way - just in case it's the middle of the night or turns out to be Shabbos or whatnot - Z won't have to worry about going Home and then getting back to the hospital. It sounds too good to be true!

I'm pretty sure I've figured out what to make for shalach-manot. Now I just have to decide what to make for Shabbos and what to bring to sheva-brachot next Sunday.

Did I mention that tonight is Dan & Renat's wedding in Jeru? Yeah - so we'll be heading out there to join in the festivities.

Looking at my calendar makes my head spin. After 3 weeks of insanity - the next 'normal'/routine week is just 2.5 short weeks away! (I'm not looking any further because truthfully - that's when the 'real' insanity will start!)
For more photos click HERE
But all for good-things - so I can't complain!

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