Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Do Nothing Day(s)...

Yesterday I shlepped myself out of bed at 7:30am, got dressed as quickly as I could and ran out to get my monthly bloodwork done. (They only draw blood between 7:30am-9am and I've learned that the trick to getting in & out quickly is to get there before 8.) I made it across town and was ready to head home just as a dozen people wandered into the clinic.

I spent about an hour putting together a a little invitation for a client. I was thrilled that they liked the first design that I sent them. It was a painless project, they're really sweet people and it gave me something to do. The rest of the day was boring - I caught up on some tv, washed most of the dishes (well - whatever there was space for on the drying racks) and figured the best place for me was warm and toasty in bed with a hot water bottle.

Today was only a drop more productive than yesterday. I got 2 loads of laundry done, ate so much I thought my stomach would pop, and answered 2-dozen phone calls (it was one of those rare days when both phones rang - a lot.)

Truth be told - I spent most of the day in bed with a toasty hot water bottle watching tv. I got up and walked a bunch of laps around the apartment because I figured I need some minimal level of exercise.

It rained a lot today. ('A lot' might be an understatement of sorts...) The ceiling is dripping from 3 places in the apartment now. (Yes - the fix-it-people know they have to deal with it - but it can't be done until the springtime rolls around - or the concrete won't set and dry properly and they'll just have to fix it again...)

I love keeping my fridge and freezer stocked with soup - it's a great way to warm up my insides and my fingers. Mmmmm, mugs of soup!

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