Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Except February...

Happy Leap Day everybody!

Yesterday was our 4th (English) wedding anniversary. I spent it in bed sipping tea, eating plain pasta 10 noodles at a time and blowing my nose. Z spent the day in Jerusalem at Day 3 of the Ecoweek seminar - then he missed the 'early' bus Home which meant that he got back to The Middle of Nowhere at around 9pm (when the torrential rains had begun.) In an attempt to be a nice wife I tossed pjs and a towel into the dryer to get toasty warm while he made his way up the mountain from the bus stop. He got me a nice 3-part present - a new book (Wicked), a new fuzzy buddy and a Playmobil 'knight in shining armor'. Thankfully the Hebrew date is coming up in a couple of weeks so we'll get a second chance to celebrate with a nice meal and whatnot.

Not much else to report. The weatherman is predicting 'snow/sleet' but I'm slightly skeptical. I'm pretty sure it'll only happen if Z goes to Jerusalem - because then he won't be able to get back home. (Yup - slight paranoia.)

I'll be staying in bed today too (with a hot water bottle) since the temperature is supposed to plummet and the heater dries me out too much to run. I really have to invest in a humidifier...

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