Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Koala Face!

My plan for today was to stay in bed. I was almost successful but not quite...I actually ended up being relatively productive when all was said and done.

I made a batch of cream cheese, washed 3 loads of laundry (including the hook-rugs on a gentle-cycle - so that I can take them to be framed), I organized the arts-n-crafts bins (and realized I've got just 2.5 squares left to do for the blanket I started knitting about 7 years ago), I organized a few shelves in the office and the papers on the shelves of the coffee table, organized my 2011 'income declaration' for the tax-man (now I need to pass by a mailbox), and cleared off the dining room table.

Z's friends came over early this afternoon and they spent all day studying for their huge final in 'building codes and laws' for tomorrow. I figured they deserved a nice dinner so I made a 'wok-ful' of chicken stir-fry which was served over perfectly-cooked white rice. Either they were starving or it was really good - because there weren't any leftovers.

After dinner I made myself comfortable in bed and caught up on some tv that I'd been hoarding. Eventually the guys finished reviewing all of their material and decided to play a game of Settlers. I'm hoping the game will go quickly and everyone can get an early night - mostly because I'm exhausted...

Tomorrow should be fun and busy for me. Visitors and outings and more laundry - yay!

Wishing Z lots of luck on his test tomorrow!

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