Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizza & Eyeballs


Wednesday Night - thanks to a stomach-bug and near dehydration (thanks heaters for drying me out more than I realized) we didn't make it to the wedding. We made it about 15 minutes from the house before being forced to turn around. It was a serious bummer. Thankfully the guys didn't mind too much. Let loose in the kitchen and made themselves a top-notch dinner (All-beef hot-dogs, chips, salad, veggies, fried onions and the works) and took amazing care of me. Then they enjoyed an early game-night of Settlers.

Thursday - Relative super-quiet-ness following the excitement of the beginning of the week. I didn't get anything done because I'd decided it was prudent to rest-up. To add shame to injury - Z's cold intensified and I forced him to down some Nyquils in an attempt to help him get some cough-free / sneeze-free sleep.

Friday - Z & I went to town in the morning. (You could tell that I was feeling 'under-the-weather' because Z suggested we buy challah and I was all in favor.) Back at Home I was grateful for my 'freezer stock' of food. I quickly threw together the last few things and the meals were all ready to go. Meanwhile - Z took a 3 hour nap on the couch.

Shabbos Day was spent in rest and recuperation. We basically slept the entire day. The good thing was that at the end of the 25 hours we were both feeling much better.

Sunday morning Z woke up super-early for his first day of the 'Ecoweek' seminar. He and his friends had to be in Holon by 10am. They took the car - which left me home alone with only the bus for transportation (gosh I've gotten spoiled.) It was actually an almost ideal situation seeing as I desperately needed a kick in the bottom to get moving on a project that I've had simmering on the back burner. 6 hours of work later and the project was about 1/3 done! (It's a BIG project - so that's actually a VERY impressive amount of work.)

Z actually made it home on time and we headed out to Renat & Dan's 7-brachot on the other side of town. It was a dairy pot-luck hosted by the 'Anglos of Ariel'. In addition to being a great way for the new couple to meet our cute little group it gave the community a nice reason to get together! It was great to see everybody. (And boy oh boy was there a lot of exciting news to share!)

We made it home a little before 11pm and Z went straight to sleep so that he'd be able to get up on time this morning. I had less luck in the sleeping department - Jellybean randomly decided that between the hours of 11pm-3am was the perfect time to perfect all samurai-moves, waltzing and kickboxing. (Why can't the kid do something peaceful and calming at those hours - like oh I don't know - yoga!?) *Sigh* I love you already kid - but seriously - come on!

Z was up and out of the house by 7:00 this morning. He left me with provisions: pita, peanut butter, crackers, potato chips, mini chocolate chip cookies and a BIG (2 liter) bottle of water (with specific instructions to drink it all, refill it when it's done, then drink as much as I can.)

He'll be in Jerusalem for the remainder of the seminar and hopefully he won't get Home too late.

I've got to figure out tomorrow nights anniversary fun and on Wednesday night Ita might be coming to visit! I've got to finish the project from yesterday and I should really tackle the mess in the guest room (and about a zillion other chores that I've been neglecting.) I guess I could always just bake a batch of muffins and call my day productive...

Haha - I might just do that.

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