Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rope Burn...

Day 2 of project-foam model-building.
3D computer model of the project
1.5 balls (out of 25) 
Here's 1 side of 1 ball
Prototype with 'tiny' balloons
(the finished project will be held up with meter-wide balloons)
Fancy little knots
Trying to lay out the first row of 4-balls
Work Station
Today was relatively productive. I did a load of laundry. I baked a batch of chocolate chip muffins. I also spent over an hour at the post office - waiting to pick up my new yoga/exercise ball - which I promptly inflated and spent 4 hours sitting on (and when I stood up it was the first time in months that my entire pelvic-region wasn't twanging and in pain! SCORE!!!) I also stopped off at the grocery store and picked up eggs and milk so that I can make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!

For the record - the 4 hours spent on the yoga ball were not unproductive. I bounced along to some happy-sounding-music and helped Z and his partner measure strings and tie decorative knots through countless washers. The project is about a fifth complete - the HUGE (meter-in-diameter) balloons will be arriving in the next 3 days - but can't actually get inserted into the string-frame and inflated until the day before the project needs to be presented. We'll be tying knots until the day the project is due too.

If you've got some sort of penchant for rope-burn or ridiculous projects feel free to come on by and help us measure and tie.

I'm happy to pay in muffins or cookies or pancakes...

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