Friday, March 16, 2012

37 means just 3 more to go...

I baked my '9th month' challah today. It's the last time I'll be doing so before Pesach so I did it all by hand.

And for your amusement here's a guest-post by Yo'Abba - (names changed to protect my insanity)

It's a true story - you just can't make this stuff up:
Some teenage punks broke into Timmy's apartment in Nachla'ot while he was at work, and stole his laptop and IPod-Touch. They climbed up the outside porches until they reached all the way up to Timmy's floor and then climbed in through the kitchen window. Timmy did the right thing and went down to Police HQ in the Russian Compound and filed a report. Detectives arrived just a few hours later and dusted for fingerprints.

Now, what the punks didn't know was that you can login to your I-Cloud account and track the location of your I-device. Timmy gathered together a posse while Z in the control room in Ariel guided them to the target location, quite a distance away in Bet HaKerem where one of the punks was playing with the IPod. When they got to the location, Z repeatedly sent a command to the device that caused it to beep, and the posse quickly zeroed in on the suspects who gave it up without a fight, B"H.

Timmy got his I-Pod back, but his laptop was at a different location. They took this guy's laptop as collateral and said that a police report would be filed if the guys didn't show up with Timmy's laptop in Kikar Tzion by noon today. Sure enough, they showed up with the laptop. In the meantime, Timmy booted up the guy's laptop and took some personal details and family phone numbers. Z called the family to report the misdeeds of their offspring, and Timmy changed the Windows password to: THOU SHALL NOT STEAL.

I guess we can be happy with the outcome, but I would have been more cautious about confronting the perpetrators.

If it makes any difference, you should know that the punks were young Anglos.

So what do you think? Should Timmy go to the police, or can we assume that the punks learned a lesson from our Mishnah: There is an eye that sees, an ear that hears and everything is recorded in a book. Previous generations didn't need the Internet to prove this, but it certainly seems even more true in our technological age.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Rik said...

Wow! That's an awesome story. I interrupted Yehuda from watching Walking Dead so I could tell it to him.