Friday, March 09, 2012


Overheard Yesterday: "Ezri, where'd you put my beard?!"

This Purim we combined the holiday miracle celebration feast with Saba's 80th birthday and we celebrated in style with the WHOLE family!
The Dibble dressed up as a dwarf barbarian. (We're still trying to work out whether he meant that he was a dwarven warrior - or just a the shortest barbarian in the clan...)
We came out to The Sun House on Wednesday afternoon. We had a few hours to rest and relax before heading out to hear the megillah.
Thursday was super busy. Prepping for the party, delivering shalach manot, visiting with friends and finally the big party feast!
Songs, family, awesome food. We had everything! Even funny costumes and coloring-pages!
 The minion and the 'redneck' rounded out the costume side of things for some added amusement.
After clearing up the shul-hall we all headed back to the house for some after-party-fun! Cannibalizing all of the food-packages that had arrived and separating candy (and eating candy - on second thought - maybe eating a little too much candy...)
 We're all spending the weekend in The Sun House which means more good times in store -
Stay tuned for news and updates - whenever I get around to posting them...

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