Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Heehee - you said pot!"

Today was March 14th - also fondly known as Pi Day - which for anyone who in geeky/nerdy and likes/loves spending time in the kitchen is an awesome excuse for making pie.
Sara and I went out to town today. We also went to 2 grocery stores in search of a bunch of random items. We ended up with 2.66 liters of ice cream and 1 package of knockoff 'Oreo' cookies. We ate the ice-cream. Then we turned the cookies into an amazingly delicious pie crust - which we filled (obviously) with rich and delicious chocolate mousse (alcohol free - so that I could enjoy - a lot!) Then the chocolate mousse pie took a vacation to the freezer to firm up.
The guys came over for dinner and since Sara was over we invited Yael too. Dinner was a delicious meal of 'spaghetti pie' (my new favorite dish in place of lasagna) and a tossed salad.
Then we all enjoyed the chocolate mousse pie for dessert.
A highly entertaining game of 'Settlers' ensued - (they played with the green box for added amusement.) The most exciting part of the game was how the first-time-player kicked all the guys bottoms! Go Team Girl!!!
Today turned out amazingly! Another great day in a super-busy, super-productive and highly amusing week!

Tomorrow - challah, more laundry and who knows - I might even find some koach to clean a little bit - but I'm not counting on it.

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