Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yay for Pictures!

Last Wednesday was pretty quiet. Sara showed up with 400 grams of cheddar cheese and said, "let's make soft pretzels!" So we did. A double batch no less. 44 cheese-stuffed pretzels later we were exhausted and stuffed with pretzels.

Thursday was a busy busy day. We picked up a package at the post office, ran into a friend and got to shmooze for a bit. Then I fell asleep at a little after 9pm. Hehe. The joys of pregnancy exhaustion.

Friday was a crazy hectic - run around like headless chickens sort of day. Thankfully everything was alright and we made it to The Sun House in time for Shabbos. A delicious meal Friday night then I crashed for the night - it was about 9:30pm. I'm heeding advice and trying to get as much sleep as I can now.

Shabbos morning everyone went to the 'later' minyan because the kiddush was sponsored by the parentals in honor of the new niece. She's got the very cutest little fingers and toesies and we spent Shabbos with her (and her completely exhausted parents) in The Sun House. We all walked up the hill for the event - which was highly amusing and entertaining (especially for the people in the community who still don't know the difference between Freddie & me.)

Lunch was delicious (as usual) and we spent the afternoon playing 2 highly competitive games of 'Settlers' (Cities&Knights obviously) then by the time havdala was over everyone was completely wiped out.

Z & I opted to drive Home so that we could roll out of bed early and have a productive day. It was a good plan because we did just that. Fruit & vegetable shopping, paperwork, and more. I even did the yearly 'bag'-wash. Now the backpack, my purses and the 'cloth' shopping bags are allllll clean!

Tomorrow - lots more to do!

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