Monday, April 30, 2012

Squares & Stripes

Gosh - spare time is really hard to come by when you've got a newborn in the house. Nobody ever tells you what it's ~really~ like to have this tiny being take over your entire existence. (Personally - I'll be spreading the word - even though it's doubtful that other first-timers-to-be will take me seriously.)

The end of last week wasn't too exciting. The Schwazmers came to visit on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I baked a batch of Jumbo sprinkle covered sugar cookies - only 1 tray got overdone on account of a poopy-diaper. And we enjoyed a delightful Yom Haatzmaut bbq at S&S's house with the whole mishpacha. Friday was very relaxed and we made our way to Petach Tikva to spend Shabbos with The Freddies!

Shabbos was absolutely amazingly delightful. Buzz discovered the joys of the stroller seat. (He slept for blissful 4 hour stretches - unfortunately (or fortunately) I was in such disbelief and shock and having such a good time that I completely forgot to nap while he was sleeping. Ah well.)

Freddie cooked deliciously good feasts, we went to sleep on the earlier side Friday night, Shabbos day flew by - though we did get visited by family, played 'Settlers' (which I somehow managed to win in Freddie's name), ate a lot of cookies and repurposed leftover pasta, steamed broccoli and roasted cherry tomatoes into an incredibly delicious pasta salad for seudah shlishit.

Buzz is going through a little growth spurt so he's been eating more and more. Thankfully he's also been taking nice long sleeps in his stroller. (He loves it because it can be slightly inclined and it's just like sleeping on my arm - and I get less grumpy because my arm doesn't have to go numb for hours at a time!)

Today Z goes back to school...Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All 3.425 of him...

We went to the Pediatrician today - just for a 'first well visit' - Buzz is gaining weight and doing great! We're so proud of him.

Our 2nd outing of the day was to buy some birthday balloons and then Odelia came to visit which was a whole lot of fun!

More fun adventures to be had tomorrow - nothing much else to report for today - but the picture was so cute I just had to upload it as quickly as I could!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Buzz & The NRB...

Where have 2+ weeks gone?! Seriously though! Just yesterday it was erev-Pesach and I was bawling my eyes out in the car on the way to the hospital (annoyed as anything because I was shlepping to the hospital YET AGAIN and would probably be sent Home after wasting 6 hours or so sitting in the emergency room.) Little did I know that less than 12 hours later I'd be a mom and here we are 2+ weeks later trying to figure out this whole 'parent' thing.

Granted - it would be a whole lot easier if I didn't have serious tiny-baby-phobia. I'm not sure why they scare me so much - it can't possibly be their fragility and the fact that they're completely dependent on the people around them... *wonders if maybe sarcasm doesn't work so well in writing*

Still he's 17 days old and seems to be thriving - so I guess I'm doing well enough so far. (Truth is I haven't done much of anything. Z has been absolutely amazing, as well as his awesome Savta & Sababi and of course a whole slew of willing aunts and uncles with warm and toasty arms to cuddle and snuggle him tight!)

We're working on planning the Pidyon Haben (which is the last of the mandatory parties for the opening chapter of his life.)

Sleep used to elude me - now it is forcefully kept at bay. Food used to make me sick - now I don't have time for it anyway. Nothing gets done in my house because at any moment it'll be feeding time and all times in-between are crying times or diaper changing times or cuddling times.

People say to enjoy it because it goes by too quickly.

I'm trying my hardest. I'm just wondering if my poor brain is remembering to take some pictures to look back on once it's flown by.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Jellybean is Here!!!

Born Friday night - Leil Haseder at 11:36pm
 Weighing 3.085kg (6lbs13oz)
 He's cute - right?
 Yeah - we think so too!
 And the Fuzzie Buddies love him already.
They've already accepted him into their super awesome club.
 Yup - and that's the story for now.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Victory Concerts?

50-something hours until Pesach officially starts and I am quite literally sitting on my hand (would be handS but I'm using 1 of them to type which would invalidate my use of the word 'literally') anyway - I am sitting around and forcibly stopping myself from baking more of those ridiculously amazing huge sprinkle-covered soft sugar cookies that I made last week.

I've eaten 3 melons, about a half-zillion 'fishie'-crackers, a bag (or 3) of pasta, half a dozen muffins and the last 1/2 container of carefully hoarded Ben&Jerry's mint chocolate chunk ice cream in attempt to staunch the craving. Problem is - I can't get them out of my mind!!!

Maybe once I can enjoy matzah-pizza and sponge cake the crazy ridiculousness will fade?

Yeah - doubtful.

I'll probably spend the whole holiday week counting down until I can be back in my kitchen mixing up a quintuple-batch of the cookies - all for me - obviously.

My patience is officially shot.

And I'd like to sleep for more than an hour straight.

The End.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Last Thursday was boring, besides for the adventures at the dr's office. Jellybean did NOT want to be 'monitored' and kept doing acrobatic feats (which amazed both the nurse and the dr) in order to evade the sensor-majig.

The clocks 'jumped forward' an hour Thursday night / Friday morning - so that led to jetlag for Z and happiness for me (because now I'm waking up at 6:15 instead of 5:15! Hahahaaaa!)

Shabbos was quiet and delightful. Sara joined us. Dinner was sweet (and sour - except they weren't really 'sour') meatballs, pasta, green beans, pineapple kugel and the usual chicken soup, and spreads. Lunch was an AMAZING vegetable lasagna, salmon, and a big tossed salad with mandarin oranges. 

Sunday was a 'do nothing day' - Z spent ALL day studying for a moed-bet and the test was at 5pm. I spent the entire day in bed - so as not to be tempted to bake more cookies...

This morning was quite eventful. Went to the kupat-cholim for our first 'monitor' of the week. Jellybean snoozed through it so I was sent out to load-up on sugar and walk for a bit. We headed up to the post-office to pick up an important piece of registered mail then after a white-chocolate 'Magnum' (ice cream on a stick) we went back to the drs office when Jellybean proceeded to bounce around so much the nurse was sure I'd taken some sort of illegal drug. (Only joking - but the baby DID go absolutely bonkers.)

Z went to his classes and was home again by 3:30. So we decided to get a few additional errands done. We went to the local car-wash (and got a full inside/outside cleaning job done) for a whopping 35 shekels. Then we stopped off at our neighbors house and picked up our box of shmura-matzahs.

Now we're REALLY ready for the holiday!