Monday, April 30, 2012

Squares & Stripes

Gosh - spare time is really hard to come by when you've got a newborn in the house. Nobody ever tells you what it's ~really~ like to have this tiny being take over your entire existence. (Personally - I'll be spreading the word - even though it's doubtful that other first-timers-to-be will take me seriously.)

The end of last week wasn't too exciting. The Schwazmers came to visit on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I baked a batch of Jumbo sprinkle covered sugar cookies - only 1 tray got overdone on account of a poopy-diaper. And we enjoyed a delightful Yom Haatzmaut bbq at S&S's house with the whole mishpacha. Friday was very relaxed and we made our way to Petach Tikva to spend Shabbos with The Freddies!

Shabbos was absolutely amazingly delightful. Buzz discovered the joys of the stroller seat. (He slept for blissful 4 hour stretches - unfortunately (or fortunately) I was in such disbelief and shock and having such a good time that I completely forgot to nap while he was sleeping. Ah well.)

Freddie cooked deliciously good feasts, we went to sleep on the earlier side Friday night, Shabbos day flew by - though we did get visited by family, played 'Settlers' (which I somehow managed to win in Freddie's name), ate a lot of cookies and repurposed leftover pasta, steamed broccoli and roasted cherry tomatoes into an incredibly delicious pasta salad for seudah shlishit.

Buzz is going through a little growth spurt so he's been eating more and more. Thankfully he's also been taking nice long sleeps in his stroller. (He loves it because it can be slightly inclined and it's just like sleeping on my arm - and I get less grumpy because my arm doesn't have to go numb for hours at a time!)

Today Z goes back to school...Wish me luck!

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