Monday, April 02, 2012


Last Thursday was boring, besides for the adventures at the dr's office. Jellybean did NOT want to be 'monitored' and kept doing acrobatic feats (which amazed both the nurse and the dr) in order to evade the sensor-majig.

The clocks 'jumped forward' an hour Thursday night / Friday morning - so that led to jetlag for Z and happiness for me (because now I'm waking up at 6:15 instead of 5:15! Hahahaaaa!)

Shabbos was quiet and delightful. Sara joined us. Dinner was sweet (and sour - except they weren't really 'sour') meatballs, pasta, green beans, pineapple kugel and the usual chicken soup, and spreads. Lunch was an AMAZING vegetable lasagna, salmon, and a big tossed salad with mandarin oranges. 

Sunday was a 'do nothing day' - Z spent ALL day studying for a moed-bet and the test was at 5pm. I spent the entire day in bed - so as not to be tempted to bake more cookies...

This morning was quite eventful. Went to the kupat-cholim for our first 'monitor' of the week. Jellybean snoozed through it so I was sent out to load-up on sugar and walk for a bit. We headed up to the post-office to pick up an important piece of registered mail then after a white-chocolate 'Magnum' (ice cream on a stick) we went back to the drs office when Jellybean proceeded to bounce around so much the nurse was sure I'd taken some sort of illegal drug. (Only joking - but the baby DID go absolutely bonkers.)

Z went to his classes and was home again by 3:30. So we decided to get a few additional errands done. We went to the local car-wash (and got a full inside/outside cleaning job done) for a whopping 35 shekels. Then we stopped off at our neighbors house and picked up our box of shmura-matzahs.

Now we're REALLY ready for the holiday!

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