Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Victory Concerts?

50-something hours until Pesach officially starts and I am quite literally sitting on my hand (would be handS but I'm using 1 of them to type which would invalidate my use of the word 'literally') anyway - I am sitting around and forcibly stopping myself from baking more of those ridiculously amazing huge sprinkle-covered soft sugar cookies that I made last week.

I've eaten 3 melons, about a half-zillion 'fishie'-crackers, a bag (or 3) of pasta, half a dozen muffins and the last 1/2 container of carefully hoarded Ben&Jerry's mint chocolate chunk ice cream in attempt to staunch the craving. Problem is - I can't get them out of my mind!!!

Maybe once I can enjoy matzah-pizza and sponge cake the crazy ridiculousness will fade?

Yeah - doubtful.

I'll probably spend the whole holiday week counting down until I can be back in my kitchen mixing up a quintuple-batch of the cookies - all for me - obviously.

My patience is officially shot.

And I'd like to sleep for more than an hour straight.

The End.

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