Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Ranch Eenee

A photo-blog for today. Basic recap - Buzz woke us up at 4:30am and kept us up - so I got out of bed and started doing stuff at 5:45. He refused to sleep or play for the majority of the day and demanded to be held - but I had stuff to do. Enter - the wrap... He spent most of the day conked out in the wrap and I got all of the cooking done with him in it. (Don't worry - I turned sideways and reached over every time I went near the stovetop.) Z actually went to school for the morning and we survived. When Z got Home I got to go out to do the official grocery shop for the week.
Buzz fell asleep with donut bracelets,
waiting for me to finish making the challah dough
Teeny Sprinkle Cookies
Potato Knishes - from scratch
So snuggly!!!
Nice tiny challot for Shabbos!
Napping with Abba!
Not too much left to do tomorrow - and it's a nice long day.

Maybe I'll get a nap...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy as a Bee...

And we're back from the holiday of cheesecake whoops - I mean - matan torah! Our weekend in The Sun House was highly enjoyable. 2 solid days of shabbos/chag and we didn't even play 1 game of Settlers. How crazy?! The cheesecake came out amazingly (according to Zsh - and based on the fact that he and Yo'Abba polished off almost 1/2 of it - I'm inclined to believe it.)
We made our way back to The Middle of Nowhere on motzei chag. Z had school on Monday morning so we couldn't hang around.
King Buzz had a whole lot of fun with this new toy that he got as a gift. (The thank you notes are all written and the first twenty-something went out in the mail last week.)
I cried a little when I noticed that Buzz scratched himself on the bridge of his nose. We ~just~ did his nails - but they grew back so quickly! I figured tiny socks on tiny hands was the best preventative measure (for some reason taking care of his nails is a 2-person job.)
He also deigned to try out the pacifier that Auntie Sarah Leah picked for him back when he was just a teeny-tiny-bean. He wasn't too sure about it - but just to humor us he sucked on it for a little while.
 He Z got pretty excited when the doorbell rang and the nice delivery man dropped off a huge package! (Truth be told - I was pretty excited too!) The awesome 'rock & roll' activity mat made everyone quite happy.

While Buzz & Z relaxed I scrubbed the oven trays, cleaned the stovetop, scoured the kitchen countertop and washed dishes. I also got 3 loads of laundry done, reorganized and straightened up the 'baby-room' and wrote the last 4 thank-you notes.
I hope this video clip makes you smile - King Buzz and Uncle Frank hang out...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quack Quack Quack!!!

This afternoon while I was busy in the kitchen Z had some 'playtime' with Buzz. I popped my head into the living room for a couple of minutes and I'm glad I did because I got to hear Buzz giggle (for the first time that I can recall) while whacking away at the toys on his toy-bar! The kid really loves to move and shake! He's interested in everything! I really should get him one of those playmats with the toy-arches - he would probably LOVE that!
Check out those toys!
All in all today was pretty exciting. I ran errands, picked up the new kumkum at the post-office (I love ordering stuff online), got the car washed and I even made my first ever cheesecake! Pictures of that to follow whenever it's done cooking. I'm trying Dorie Greenspan's recipe from her cookbook 'Baking' - I'm hoping it'll taste as good as hers looks!
Dinner tonight will be BBQ!!! My new old favorite! We bought a whole lot of chicken breasts so I split them into 4 bags and marinated each of them in something different. There's a lemon garlic marinade, an 'all-purpose' savory marinade, citrus-burst marinade (orange & ginger) and some are good ol' EVOO,S&P.

Now I just have to figure out what to make as a side-dish. Maybe a tossed salad and some potato wedgies!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Melach Rox!

It's been a busy week so far. We spent our first Shabbos at Home as a little fambily. It was super-cute. 
I'm clean - is it food time yet?!
Then starting Saturday night Buzz turned into a loud tiny kvetch. We weren't sure what was going on so Monday morning we took him to the doctor. Turns out it was just his 6 week growth-spurt - and boy did he grow!!! We opted to see the dr in The Sun House so we spent the night there too.
Just in case you were wondering if we still eat. We do. See?
Homemade 4 cheese calzones stuffed with broccoli, onion & mushrooms.
Tuesday Buzz went for his 6-week hip ultrasound. Everything looked great and the dr was really nice. Then we headed Home. Of course we stopped off at Rami Levy on the way back to the middle of nowhere - because - well - why not?
Buzz hangs out while Ima does some laundry.
Yes yes, that IS the clean basket.
Doda Sara came over to visit and she helped make the calzones for dinner. (They turned out amazingly!) I used our old 'quick' pizza dough recipe and made 5 nice-sized calzones. We were each stuffed after 1 so 2 went into the freezer. This morning I was a little sorry that I'd put them into deep-freeze, but I ended up eating a deli sandwich instead. Also yummy.
Not too much on the agenda for today. Z is working on the house. I'm reorganizing closets. The kitchen needs to get scrubbed down and maybe we'll even take a walk down to the mailbox. There may be a game-night - which would mean baking a cake - but nothing has been discussed/decided yet.
Til then - let's nap...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shakuf Ba'Emtzah

This morning started off on a pretty good note. I baked a double batch of FF peanut-butter chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. The dough made exactly 99 cookies - about 80 made it into the freezer - I plead the fifth with regard to the whereabouts and status of the 19 missing cookies.
Yo'Abba & The Crazy Lady stopped by for a while on their way to a wedding in Ofra. The Crazy Lady relaxed and helped revive my poor little African violet. Yo'Abba helped me get the grill hot with coals that had been exposed to the elements for a few too many days. He succeeded and the bbq for dinner was able to proceed as planned.
Z's friends came over and sat with Z to discuss the house plans. They also got to meet the parentals which was pretty amusing. Buzz slept through the whole visit but the happy grandparents took a couple of pictures before heading off down route 60. The guys ran out to the bakery to pick up some baguettes and I finished getting the food ready.
For the record - dinner was delicious. Pickles, salad, hot dogs, grilled chicken cutlets (with my new favorite marinade), fresh rolls and french-fries. After dinner the guys sat and brainstormed the house plans some more and I baked a lemon pound cake.
There sure are a lot of dishes to wash and the grill is still cooling on my kitchen counter. Buzz is wide-awake and I didn't get any laundry done today.

Still - no matter how you slice it - today was a pretty good day.

And gosh, those cookies are good!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Willy Nilly & Dot

Here I am. Back again. The days and weeks keep flying by but living them in 2-4 hour increments makes everything seem surreal.
We were at The Sun house this past weekend with The Freddies - it was a whole lot of fun - but gosh these summer Shabbatot are long (and HOT!)! We rushed back Home on Saturday night so that Buzz could get a bottle 'on time' and so that we could get 2 friends back to school at a reasonable hour (considering they have class at 8:00am on Sundays.)
Sunday was a very busy day. Z went to Tel Aviv to sign, yet another document - which brings us one more step closer to building our house. He got back just in time for Buzz to get strapped into his car-seat and to head out to Tipat Chalav - the baby/family clinic (which takes care of making sure that kids are growing at the right rate and developing properly - they also do all of the vaccinations there.) Buzz got jabbed with his 2nd dose of HepB and I was lucky enough to get an MMR jab (the 1st of 2.) He screamed for a few minutes but calmed down and fell asleep pretty quickly. (sigh of relief) The good news is that he's smack in the middle of the chart for weight gain, he's a little tall for his age, all his tiny push-ups during tummy-time are paying off and he turns his head very nicely! Yay Buzz!!!
In honor of Mother's Day - Z treated me to lunch at Cafe Cafe (they actually had ravioli, the food came quickly, we got what we ordered and it was delicious!)
Back at Home we had some ice cream for dessert while watching a couple of episodes of tv. Before I knew it the clock said 8pm and luckily I glanced at the calendar because otherwise I would have completely forgotten about my book-club meeting scheduled for 8:30!
Buzz was sleeping peacefully so I opted to 'fly solo'. Book club was great (even though we didn't really enjoy this book either) and it's so nice to socialize!
Buzz is starting to get the hang of sleeping for 4-5 hours at night so I even got a pretty good stretch of sleep in!
Today I'm hoping to get some laundry done. I need to mail out the 'thank you' notes for all of Buzz's gifts (so I need to get some stamps.) I'm in the mood to bake but I'm not sure whether that will happen today or not. I've also got to decide what to make for dinner.

I'm going to try to transition back to a FF diet - but I'm going to try the 'elimination method' this time instead of 'cold-turkey' - first thing to get drastically cut will be wheat. The thought of it makes me very very sad - but I know it will be better for me in the long run.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ships & Chits!

Monday morning was spent running around. First spa-type-ness, then flowers for centerpieces, and finally after getting everyone dressed and out of the house we had the party.
The ceremony went smoothly (except for the really heart-stoppingly-frightening moment when Z contemplated letting the Cohen keep Buzz!) Luckily he came to his senses and handed over the shekels to seal the transaction. (Everyone breathed a sigh of relief!)
 It was a ridiculously busy day and Buzz and Uncle Eli conked out on the couch when we got Home.
This morning Z & I slept in a bit - well, we were up every 2.5-3 hours to take care of Buzz - but we didn't bother leaving The Sun House until after 2pm. We stopped off at RamiLevy on our way Home and picked up some random groceries. We didn't need much - considering we'll be heading back to The Parentals for Shabbos (yes - again.) We did get the fixins for some really amazingly delicious deli sandwiches. I hadn't had a turkey sandwich in ages!

We had an abridged Settlers afternoon/evening. The guys played a 3-player-game and then I joined to play 'the 4-player 4-islands' version. Z won (even though I snagged the green metropolis...)

I got 2 loads of laundry done and unpacked the groceries and the suitcases. I was pretty impressed with what I managed to accomplish today.

Tomorrow - we'll find out if I can handle some errands with Buzz...

Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Woohoo - Kinetic King!

Last Thursday we ended up taking a family road-trip to Petach Tikva. We stopped to do some price-comparison-shopping for bouncy-chairs and baby-rockers, then we stopped in the HUGE bookstore, at SuperPharm (to pick up the 10 shekel gift that they'll give to new mom's as a 'congratulations' gift) and at H&O to get Buzz some adorable season-appropriate onesies to wear.
Friday was a lazy sort of morning and then we made our way to The Sun House. We stopped off to visit with S&S and then settled into our favorite suite at the Fambily House.
Shabbos was delightfully relaxing. Buzz slept very well - thanks to an awesome white-noise soundtrack that we kept on a 24-hour-loop in our bedroom. (Isn't technology great?!) Aunt-Phil was super thrilled to hold and cuddle with Buzz too - so I got to relax a bit and even got to read about 50 pages of my book.
Saturday night was very busy. We sat and tied bundles of cutlery for the pidyon haben. Then I took care of the 'ben' and even got a nice 5 hour stretch of 'sleep' before I got to change another diaper.
Sunday morning was spent running around trying to get all of the 'last minute' things for the pidyon haben and while we were out we picked up a really fun rocker for Buzz. I also bought him the cutest little short-sleeve onesies (namely a nice white 'shabbos shirt' - so he can dress like a mensch for his party and for Shabbos too!)

The good news is that Buzz loves his new seat! It reclines and it rocks. It's totally awesome!

Tomorrow - waxing, center-pieces, and finally - the party...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sleepy Little Buzz...

Yesterday (Tuesday) was supposed to be a 'go out and shop in Petach Tikva and visit The Freddies' house' day - but it turned into a 'sit around the house in pjs and relax' day. Granted - I did some laundry - but nothing much else got accomplished. (A zillion heartfelt thanks to my awesome Mom, Sister and friends who have kept my fridge/freezer stocked up the last couple of weeks - we probably would've starved when we ran out of (dry) breakfast cereal if not for you guys!)
Buzz cuddles with whichever Fuzzy Buddie is nearby when he dozes during the day
This morning Buzz woke up at 6:45 for some 'first breakfast' (as opposed to 'mid-night snack' at 2:45am or 'second breakfast' at 9:15am) so I changed him, fed him, burped him, cuddled him until he fell back asleep and then strapped him back into his stroller to have his first nap of the day. By the time Buzz was settled it was close to 8:00 so I wandered around the house, put a load of laundry into the machine and folded 2 loads which were washed yesterday. By 8:30 I was going a little stir-crazy (having been in the house for 3 days) so I wrote Z a note and ran out to the grocery store. I figured an outing would be good for me and we needed milk anyway - the fact that diapers were on sale at Mega (making them the same price that we get them for at any other 'normal' grocery store was just an added bonus.) I was Home again by 9:10 and I walked in just in time for the next 'feeding-time-at-the-zoo'.
Just for the record - there's a stuffed panda in there somewhere... :)
Once the baby was settled I got busy in the kitchen. I kneaded up a batch of dough for 'Ratners Onion Rolls' and baked a batch of Irish-Cream-Spiked-Brownies and a BIG log of chocolate-flake mandel bread. Timing worked out perfectly and the penne a'la vodka was done just as the rolls came out of the oven. I even had time to wash most of the dishes before the guys arrived.

Did I mention that the guys came over for a 'game afternoon' - since it's been a few weeks since our last game-night and all. They bought Z a super-special 'congrats on becoming an Abba' present - the 'Seafarers Expansion (and 5-6 player extension)' for Settlers of Catan. (The version which allows you to transform the board from 1 giant island into a myriad of smaller islands that tiny wooden ships can travel between.) Z has been pining after this game for ages - and he was really excited to get it. (The guys will get good use out of it too. I mean - they still have Year5 to get through!)
Z sent this photo out claiming that his socks shrank in the wash...
Yeah. Exactly.
Tomorrow is Thursday and Z has studio - so Buzz and I will probably have a fun morning (doing nothing) together! Then comes Friday and he'll be 4 whole weeks old! Eeek! Where's the time going!?
An involuntary (but still super-cute) smile!
(Probably just gas - but it's just so cute!)