Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy as a Bee...

And we're back from the holiday of cheesecake whoops - I mean - matan torah! Our weekend in The Sun House was highly enjoyable. 2 solid days of shabbos/chag and we didn't even play 1 game of Settlers. How crazy?! The cheesecake came out amazingly (according to Zsh - and based on the fact that he and Yo'Abba polished off almost 1/2 of it - I'm inclined to believe it.)
We made our way back to The Middle of Nowhere on motzei chag. Z had school on Monday morning so we couldn't hang around.
King Buzz had a whole lot of fun with this new toy that he got as a gift. (The thank you notes are all written and the first twenty-something went out in the mail last week.)
I cried a little when I noticed that Buzz scratched himself on the bridge of his nose. We ~just~ did his nails - but they grew back so quickly! I figured tiny socks on tiny hands was the best preventative measure (for some reason taking care of his nails is a 2-person job.)
He also deigned to try out the pacifier that Auntie Sarah Leah picked for him back when he was just a teeny-tiny-bean. He wasn't too sure about it - but just to humor us he sucked on it for a little while.
 He Z got pretty excited when the doorbell rang and the nice delivery man dropped off a huge package! (Truth be told - I was pretty excited too!) The awesome 'rock & roll' activity mat made everyone quite happy.

While Buzz & Z relaxed I scrubbed the oven trays, cleaned the stovetop, scoured the kitchen countertop and washed dishes. I also got 3 loads of laundry done, reorganized and straightened up the 'baby-room' and wrote the last 4 thank-you notes.
I hope this video clip makes you smile - King Buzz and Uncle Frank hang out...

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