Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Melach Rox!

It's been a busy week so far. We spent our first Shabbos at Home as a little fambily. It was super-cute. 
I'm clean - is it food time yet?!
Then starting Saturday night Buzz turned into a loud tiny kvetch. We weren't sure what was going on so Monday morning we took him to the doctor. Turns out it was just his 6 week growth-spurt - and boy did he grow!!! We opted to see the dr in The Sun House so we spent the night there too.
Just in case you were wondering if we still eat. We do. See?
Homemade 4 cheese calzones stuffed with broccoli, onion & mushrooms.
Tuesday Buzz went for his 6-week hip ultrasound. Everything looked great and the dr was really nice. Then we headed Home. Of course we stopped off at Rami Levy on the way back to the middle of nowhere - because - well - why not?
Buzz hangs out while Ima does some laundry.
Yes yes, that IS the clean basket.
Doda Sara came over to visit and she helped make the calzones for dinner. (They turned out amazingly!) I used our old 'quick' pizza dough recipe and made 5 nice-sized calzones. We were each stuffed after 1 so 2 went into the freezer. This morning I was a little sorry that I'd put them into deep-freeze, but I ended up eating a deli sandwich instead. Also yummy.
Not too much on the agenda for today. Z is working on the house. I'm reorganizing closets. The kitchen needs to get scrubbed down and maybe we'll even take a walk down to the mailbox. There may be a game-night - which would mean baking a cake - but nothing has been discussed/decided yet.
Til then - let's nap...

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