Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quack Quack Quack!!!

This afternoon while I was busy in the kitchen Z had some 'playtime' with Buzz. I popped my head into the living room for a couple of minutes and I'm glad I did because I got to hear Buzz giggle (for the first time that I can recall) while whacking away at the toys on his toy-bar! The kid really loves to move and shake! He's interested in everything! I really should get him one of those playmats with the toy-arches - he would probably LOVE that!
Check out those toys!
All in all today was pretty exciting. I ran errands, picked up the new kumkum at the post-office (I love ordering stuff online), got the car washed and I even made my first ever cheesecake! Pictures of that to follow whenever it's done cooking. I'm trying Dorie Greenspan's recipe from her cookbook 'Baking' - I'm hoping it'll taste as good as hers looks!
Dinner tonight will be BBQ!!! My new old favorite! We bought a whole lot of chicken breasts so I split them into 4 bags and marinated each of them in something different. There's a lemon garlic marinade, an 'all-purpose' savory marinade, citrus-burst marinade (orange & ginger) and some are good ol' EVOO,S&P.

Now I just have to figure out what to make as a side-dish. Maybe a tossed salad and some potato wedgies!

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