Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Ranch Eenee

A photo-blog for today. Basic recap - Buzz woke us up at 4:30am and kept us up - so I got out of bed and started doing stuff at 5:45. He refused to sleep or play for the majority of the day and demanded to be held - but I had stuff to do. Enter - the wrap... He spent most of the day conked out in the wrap and I got all of the cooking done with him in it. (Don't worry - I turned sideways and reached over every time I went near the stovetop.) Z actually went to school for the morning and we survived. When Z got Home I got to go out to do the official grocery shop for the week.
Buzz fell asleep with donut bracelets,
waiting for me to finish making the challah dough
Teeny Sprinkle Cookies
Potato Knishes - from scratch
So snuggly!!!
Nice tiny challot for Shabbos!
Napping with Abba!
Not too much left to do tomorrow - and it's a nice long day.

Maybe I'll get a nap...

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