Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shakuf Ba'Emtzah

This morning started off on a pretty good note. I baked a double batch of FF peanut-butter chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. The dough made exactly 99 cookies - about 80 made it into the freezer - I plead the fifth with regard to the whereabouts and status of the 19 missing cookies.
Yo'Abba & The Crazy Lady stopped by for a while on their way to a wedding in Ofra. The Crazy Lady relaxed and helped revive my poor little African violet. Yo'Abba helped me get the grill hot with coals that had been exposed to the elements for a few too many days. He succeeded and the bbq for dinner was able to proceed as planned.
Z's friends came over and sat with Z to discuss the house plans. They also got to meet the parentals which was pretty amusing. Buzz slept through the whole visit but the happy grandparents took a couple of pictures before heading off down route 60. The guys ran out to the bakery to pick up some baguettes and I finished getting the food ready.
For the record - dinner was delicious. Pickles, salad, hot dogs, grilled chicken cutlets (with my new favorite marinade), fresh rolls and french-fries. After dinner the guys sat and brainstormed the house plans some more and I baked a lemon pound cake.
There sure are a lot of dishes to wash and the grill is still cooling on my kitchen counter. Buzz is wide-awake and I didn't get any laundry done today.

Still - no matter how you slice it - today was a pretty good day.

And gosh, those cookies are good!

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