Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sleepy Little Buzz...

Yesterday (Tuesday) was supposed to be a 'go out and shop in Petach Tikva and visit The Freddies' house' day - but it turned into a 'sit around the house in pjs and relax' day. Granted - I did some laundry - but nothing much else got accomplished. (A zillion heartfelt thanks to my awesome Mom, Sister and friends who have kept my fridge/freezer stocked up the last couple of weeks - we probably would've starved when we ran out of (dry) breakfast cereal if not for you guys!)
Buzz cuddles with whichever Fuzzy Buddie is nearby when he dozes during the day
This morning Buzz woke up at 6:45 for some 'first breakfast' (as opposed to 'mid-night snack' at 2:45am or 'second breakfast' at 9:15am) so I changed him, fed him, burped him, cuddled him until he fell back asleep and then strapped him back into his stroller to have his first nap of the day. By the time Buzz was settled it was close to 8:00 so I wandered around the house, put a load of laundry into the machine and folded 2 loads which were washed yesterday. By 8:30 I was going a little stir-crazy (having been in the house for 3 days) so I wrote Z a note and ran out to the grocery store. I figured an outing would be good for me and we needed milk anyway - the fact that diapers were on sale at Mega (making them the same price that we get them for at any other 'normal' grocery store was just an added bonus.) I was Home again by 9:10 and I walked in just in time for the next 'feeding-time-at-the-zoo'.
Just for the record - there's a stuffed panda in there somewhere... :)
Once the baby was settled I got busy in the kitchen. I kneaded up a batch of dough for 'Ratners Onion Rolls' and baked a batch of Irish-Cream-Spiked-Brownies and a BIG log of chocolate-flake mandel bread. Timing worked out perfectly and the penne a'la vodka was done just as the rolls came out of the oven. I even had time to wash most of the dishes before the guys arrived.

Did I mention that the guys came over for a 'game afternoon' - since it's been a few weeks since our last game-night and all. They bought Z a super-special 'congrats on becoming an Abba' present - the 'Seafarers Expansion (and 5-6 player extension)' for Settlers of Catan. (The version which allows you to transform the board from 1 giant island into a myriad of smaller islands that tiny wooden ships can travel between.) Z has been pining after this game for ages - and he was really excited to get it. (The guys will get good use out of it too. I mean - they still have Year5 to get through!)
Z sent this photo out claiming that his socks shrank in the wash...
Yeah. Exactly.
Tomorrow is Thursday and Z has studio - so Buzz and I will probably have a fun morning (doing nothing) together! Then comes Friday and he'll be 4 whole weeks old! Eeek! Where's the time going!?
An involuntary (but still super-cute) smile!
(Probably just gas - but it's just so cute!)

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Sandra Reeves Cutrer said...

Precious! Babies are so wonderful. Loved your blog!