Monday, May 14, 2012

Willy Nilly & Dot

Here I am. Back again. The days and weeks keep flying by but living them in 2-4 hour increments makes everything seem surreal.
We were at The Sun house this past weekend with The Freddies - it was a whole lot of fun - but gosh these summer Shabbatot are long (and HOT!)! We rushed back Home on Saturday night so that Buzz could get a bottle 'on time' and so that we could get 2 friends back to school at a reasonable hour (considering they have class at 8:00am on Sundays.)
Sunday was a very busy day. Z went to Tel Aviv to sign, yet another document - which brings us one more step closer to building our house. He got back just in time for Buzz to get strapped into his car-seat and to head out to Tipat Chalav - the baby/family clinic (which takes care of making sure that kids are growing at the right rate and developing properly - they also do all of the vaccinations there.) Buzz got jabbed with his 2nd dose of HepB and I was lucky enough to get an MMR jab (the 1st of 2.) He screamed for a few minutes but calmed down and fell asleep pretty quickly. (sigh of relief) The good news is that he's smack in the middle of the chart for weight gain, he's a little tall for his age, all his tiny push-ups during tummy-time are paying off and he turns his head very nicely! Yay Buzz!!!
In honor of Mother's Day - Z treated me to lunch at Cafe Cafe (they actually had ravioli, the food came quickly, we got what we ordered and it was delicious!)
Back at Home we had some ice cream for dessert while watching a couple of episodes of tv. Before I knew it the clock said 8pm and luckily I glanced at the calendar because otherwise I would have completely forgotten about my book-club meeting scheduled for 8:30!
Buzz was sleeping peacefully so I opted to 'fly solo'. Book club was great (even though we didn't really enjoy this book either) and it's so nice to socialize!
Buzz is starting to get the hang of sleeping for 4-5 hours at night so I even got a pretty good stretch of sleep in!
Today I'm hoping to get some laundry done. I need to mail out the 'thank you' notes for all of Buzz's gifts (so I need to get some stamps.) I'm in the mood to bake but I'm not sure whether that will happen today or not. I've also got to decide what to make for dinner.

I'm going to try to transition back to a FF diet - but I'm going to try the 'elimination method' this time instead of 'cold-turkey' - first thing to get drastically cut will be wheat. The thought of it makes me very very sad - but I know it will be better for me in the long run.

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