Sunday, May 06, 2012

Woohoo - Kinetic King!

Last Thursday we ended up taking a family road-trip to Petach Tikva. We stopped to do some price-comparison-shopping for bouncy-chairs and baby-rockers, then we stopped in the HUGE bookstore, at SuperPharm (to pick up the 10 shekel gift that they'll give to new mom's as a 'congratulations' gift) and at H&O to get Buzz some adorable season-appropriate onesies to wear.
Friday was a lazy sort of morning and then we made our way to The Sun House. We stopped off to visit with S&S and then settled into our favorite suite at the Fambily House.
Shabbos was delightfully relaxing. Buzz slept very well - thanks to an awesome white-noise soundtrack that we kept on a 24-hour-loop in our bedroom. (Isn't technology great?!) Aunt-Phil was super thrilled to hold and cuddle with Buzz too - so I got to relax a bit and even got to read about 50 pages of my book.
Saturday night was very busy. We sat and tied bundles of cutlery for the pidyon haben. Then I took care of the 'ben' and even got a nice 5 hour stretch of 'sleep' before I got to change another diaper.
Sunday morning was spent running around trying to get all of the 'last minute' things for the pidyon haben and while we were out we picked up a really fun rocker for Buzz. I also bought him the cutest little short-sleeve onesies (namely a nice white 'shabbos shirt' - so he can dress like a mensch for his party and for Shabbos too!)

The good news is that Buzz loves his new seat! It reclines and it rocks. It's totally awesome!

Tomorrow - waxing, center-pieces, and finally - the party...

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