Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Chance!!!

This morning I was up and out of the house ridiculously early. Well, early for me anyway. I spent 45 minutes on line at the post office (waiting to buy 1 stamp for a postcard) then I went to Yesh to pick up the last of the groceries and to 'recycle' 30 plastic & glass bottles.

Little did I know that yesterday when I casually mentioned going on an outing today to Z that he had been listening. I got back Home and while unpacking the groceries Z insisted that I hurry-up so that we could get on the road.

We took a little hop-skip-jump down to Be'erot Yitzchak where we toured an awesome baby-stuff-store - they sell everything but the baby! We finally ordered a crib for Buzz and it should be ready for pick-up sometime in about a month. (We were extremely indulgent parents because we let him choose the crib. That is to say we held him up in front of a couple of models and when his eyes lit up we knew that was the one he wanted. I'm still convinced he just got excited about the colorful toy sitting in it - but it turned out to be the one I liked best anyway.)

A quick stop at 'Home-Center' where we picked up some big storage containers - then we made our way back Home.

I organized a bit of the disaster-area which is going to become Buzz's room. Then I enjoyed THE most amazing iced coffee I've had in years. We had a battle getting Buzz to take any afternoon naps but he finally fell asleep (thanks to sheer-exhaustion) so Z & I got to watch some tv and eat dinner in peace.

I took most of our food for Shabbos out of the freezer and will make the last few things tomorrow.

Maybe (hopefully) I'll get the chance (and burst of energy) to clean the stove-top and counters tomorrow too.

Quiet Shabbos planned for us here. I hope I don't get too bored...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JailChicky! Squeak!

Today we gave Buzz a bath. He's finally started to tolerate them  - but today he actually enjoyed it.
You see - I accidentally made the water a little too warm (which we only noticed upon sitting him on his bath chair) it wasn't HOT it was just slightly warmer than he's used to. So we turned on the shower head in order to add some cooler water. As soon as Buzz saw the super-cool water-spitting toy he was all smiles and giggles. He reached for it and wanted to play with the stream of water. He was having such a great time that we ended up making the water in the hose a good temperature and giving him a sitting-shower! He reclined on his bath-chair waving (not just one but) two washcloths around in his tiny fists with THE biggest grin on his face. While I soaped and scrubbed him he was more than happy to bat at the waterfall. Best part was it was so easy to simply hose him down at the end and make sure that there were no bubbles left on him!

When he was done he actually wanted to stay in the tub! It was the funniest change of events.

I had forgotten how much fun bathtime could be and found myself wishing that the Grohe company still manufactured the 'Nessie' shower-head. He would really really love that!

Today I also filtered 2 liters of cold-brewed coffee and made ice and sugar-syrup. I just have to buy some milk and then I'm all good-to-go on awesomely amazing iced-coffee! I have some pictures of that to share - but I'll save them for another day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cinnamon Nugget!

Just for the record Buzz & Z stayed Home.
That's Elchonon I'm snuggling with! :)
The end of last week was a whirlwind of craziness. Nice Shabbos in The Sun House with Rikuda&co. Lunch by the Rabbi and visited S&S. Ended up coming Home on Saturday night to save us from the insanity of 6:30am departure.
Sleepy-heads take their morning nap
Yesterday I drove Home from Bnei Brak - in rush hour traffic. It was craaaaazy.
With Button
This morning I made my way into Jeru to meet up with the rest of my Seminary-days gang. All 4 of us together again. First time in years! It was really nice to hang out with everyone.
Sans Button 'please pick me up' face
Last stop of the day was a trip to the 'spice store' in the Industrial Area. Turns out they're now selling coffee beans so I bought some to try out and now have 2 liters of cold-brewed coffee brewing.
Shmoozing with Hobbes
I can't wait to try out a huge cup of iced coffee tomorrow!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ginger Snappies!

Lucky Z! Buzz, Ice Cream & The Moon!
 Becca left this morning after a fun breakfast.
Sleepy Buzz - 10 weeks old!
The fix-it-guys finished the work inside our apartment.
Thanks Papa!!! Buzz's very first special music cd&book!
  Then we ran around trying to get the apartment ready for our next wave of guests.
Buzz & Hobbes hang out!
In the meantime I ran out to the post office and picked up 2 exciting packages! 
Thanks Miller Cousins!!!
Before we knew it the Millers had arrived! Rik & Co. joined us for a delightful night. Gramma's chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.
Awesome loot from Great Aunt Sab!
We got the kiddos to sleep after watching THE funniest phone conversation between Yaeli & Papa.
"Play with me, pleeeeease?!"
 Then it was grown-up relaxation time. We caught up and did some laundry and washed the dishes.
All the way from Oz from Auntie Becca!!! :)
Tomorrow we're off to The Sun House!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ExShellTer & Trains

What an insanely crazy day!!! Hagashot, trips to Rosh Haayin, a well deserved lunch-out, and finally some relaxation. Here are a whole lot of pictures. More detailed pics of Z's project may follow (tomorrow when we take it apart).

Look who came to visit!!! Not sure whether this rivals the time she showed up at my door in Jeru - but it sure runs a close second!!!

The fun and adventures continue tomorrow - when the fix-it-guys return and maybe RJ and I go out into the big wide world and have fun somewhere or other!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

King Tutsalot

Happy Sunday everyone! Hard to believe that a whole new week is beginning. (Mostly because I'm still exhausted from the last 12 months or so - though at this point you think I'd be used to it.)

Last week was ridiculously busy and this week won't be any different.

On Wednesday we went to Tel-Aviv where we bought 24 kg of fabric. Thursday was spent on campus assembling Z's final studio project. We ended up going to The Sun House for shabbos because there was no time to cook or clean or breathe or anything and we were in desperate need of a sewing machine (for the 30 meters of cloth that this project entails).
On Friday we got on the road bright and early after spending all night taking care of non-sleepy Buzz, and pinning a whole lot of fabric. We stopped at the baby-stuff store to pick up some new pants for our little ball of lead who has outgrown all of the waist elastics on his 0-3 month bottoms. (the bottom snaps on his tops are tight too so we picked up some of those also.)

I brought some chicken soup with us as payment for the weekend. It was the only thing that I had prepared for shabbos - and the first time I ever made chicken soup in a crock-pot. It cooked for about 9 hours (while we were on campus) and rumor had it that the stuff came out pretty tasty.
We stopped by S&S's house to visit with them for a bit. Then we detoured to SuperH to pick up some gourmet vanilla ice cream and a few bottles of root beer in honor of Yo'Abba's birthday. (We had tiny root beer floats for dessert after shabbos lunch.) Then Rikuda&co stopped by to visit! It was such a fun and busy day!

Shabbos afternoon flew by. I totally forgot to take a nap because the day passed so quickly! Then before we knew it we were driving aaaaaalllllll the way down rt5 and we were Home again.

Today will be spent on campus (again) trying to sew the pieces of the tent together...
Wish us luck! We really really need it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pomi Adorro...

On our way Home from shopping today we went over a bump at a relatively quick speed. Buzz was sleeping soundly but seized the moment to giggle uncontrollably. We couldn't help but laugh along.
 Phil came to visit and we had a special dinner in her honor. Z chose ribs and I threw together a really awesome sauce to use on the BBQ - I wrote down what I did and I hope that I can replicate the results at some point in the future.
Buzz went to the pediatrician today for his 2-month check-up. The dr was amazingly nice and said that everything looks great. It's a shame he's retiring in a couple of months - although I'm sure he's looking forward to the trip he has planned to New Zealand.
Tomorrow Z has to assemble and measure the frame of the structure for his studio-project. I need to go to the pharmacy and buy some mosquito-bite-de-itching-cream.
I can't believe Phil just played the entire game of Portal with Z's help. I hear the credit song rolling. Now she knows the truth about the cake.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

PND - Pasty Noodle Defenestration

A very wise woman once told me that it is a very hard thing to be a caregiver. Never have I understood something on such a profoundly deep and personal level. Nothing can prepare you for being solely responsible for the well-being and existence of another life. This coming from someone who has grown up in a family with a huge saving-the-world-and-all-living-creatures-in/on-it complex. (Heck this past weekend I watched my sister valiantly save 2 live bugs that she found in the head of lettuce that she was washing - I kid you not - she released them into the wild - with a piece of lettuce so that they wouldn't starve!) Point being - we care about life, a lot - but that being said taking care of a parent or a spouse or a child is a heck of a lot of work.

Up until this point the most taxing part of caring for my spouse has been his yearly cold. It comes once a year and he is miserable for a week (which usually culminates in me getting  sick.)

Pregnancy must have been a sorely trying time for him because I was no bundle of sunshine - heck all 40 weeks were miserable and I didn't get significantly better after giving birth. The first couple of weeks I figured it was alright. Lots of hormones - blah blah - it'll sort itself out. The next few weeks were miserable. Which brings us to the present - truth be told - I haven't improved. Sure - I put on a happy face and entertain guests and run errands and help people out and make cheery sounding phone-calls and send smiley looking emails and write upbeat sounding posts on my blog about how cute Buzz is and how much fun it is to be a Mommy... But the truth of the matter is that deep down inside I kind of feel like this.

Back to the point - I find it ironic that so many people study psychology or claim to understand the human condition but refuse to get help. As if - helps is for everyone else but not for them.

I'm a fighter but even I know when I've hit my limit.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cloth, Books & Coins...

I know - I know - this whole updating once a week is really quite a let-down after my almost daily-posting for a couple of months. You'll have to forgive me though - it seems impossible to get anything done with a baby around.
Z has been taking a turn wearing Buzz around the house. (I actually took him out on a couple of walks in the wrap this week!) He really loves the extra cuddling and it leaves our hands-free to get stuff done.
Last Shabbos was nice and relaxing. Sara joined us (which meant an extra set of hands to help take care of Buzz!) Sunday was a quiet sort of do-nothing day. Monday the guys came over for game-'day' (lunch was repurposed ratatouille tossed with fresh pasta and some Parmesan sprinkled on top). Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur of feedings and diaper changings and crying fits. Wednesday afternoon Buzz had his 2-month appointment at 'Tipat Chalav' (the baby care clinic) - and he got a round of vaccinations. Poor kid wasn't too pleased with them at all.
This morning started pretty early. We went out to the 'Industrial Area' to see if we could find materials for Z to use in order to build his final-project for this semester's studio. We were only partially successful (and the other store we wanted to go to was closed) so I swung by the city-center on the way Home.
 As a special breakfast treat (for me) we stopped off at the new Aldo Ice Cream store that opened in our very own tiny shopping center! I enjoyed a scoop of Snickers ice cream in an honest to goodness waffle cone and Z opted for a mini-Belgian-waffle with a scoop of Maple ice cream (and a ton of whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top). Next time - I'm totally getting one of those!
 I dropped Z off at school on my way back up the mountain. Then Buzz and I hung out for a couple of hours. Eventually Z came Home and the guys decided to have another game-day (since it's the end of the semester and soon we'll be having the two-month summer-hiatus.) I made a batch of pizza up for lunch. It was the best that I could come up with on short notice, and I really didn't want to make pasta again. I thought it was pretty good - I hope everyone else enjoyed it.
 I got in at the last game of the day and somehow managed to win. (Or I think I won anyway - we kind of embiggened the board and played until 15 points. It took close to 3 hours and none of us could think straight after the first 20 minutes - Buzz crying hysterically for absolutely no reason didn't really help matters.)
Ayala came to visit and she presented Buzz with a super-smushy hand-knitted floppy-teddy! I think I'll call him Flopp E. Teddy - until Buzz can come up with a name of his own for his pal! I'll have to post a picture of them having fun together! Her visit was short because she was on her way to meet up with another friend. I gave her a ride down to Tzomet Tapuach - the scenery on that road always takes my breath away.

After washing all of the pareve and dairy dishes and scrubbing all of the baby-bottles I am officially exhausted.

Tomorrow we have the (rescheduled) photo-shoot and then we're off to The Sun House for Shabbos to join in Little Brother's Shabbat Chatan!!! I can't believe he's getting married on Sunday! It's SO exciting!!!