Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cinnamon Nugget!

Just for the record Buzz & Z stayed Home.
That's Elchonon I'm snuggling with! :)
The end of last week was a whirlwind of craziness. Nice Shabbos in The Sun House with Rikuda&co. Lunch by the Rabbi and visited S&S. Ended up coming Home on Saturday night to save us from the insanity of 6:30am departure.
Sleepy-heads take their morning nap
Yesterday I drove Home from Bnei Brak - in rush hour traffic. It was craaaaazy.
With Button
This morning I made my way into Jeru to meet up with the rest of my Seminary-days gang. All 4 of us together again. First time in years! It was really nice to hang out with everyone.
Sans Button 'please pick me up' face
Last stop of the day was a trip to the 'spice store' in the Industrial Area. Turns out they're now selling coffee beans so I bought some to try out and now have 2 liters of cold-brewed coffee brewing.
Shmoozing with Hobbes
I can't wait to try out a huge cup of iced coffee tomorrow!


Deborah said...

You know, people are going to think that's Buzz you're holding, maybe you should put them right! Elchonon will be offended otherwise!

Lori Polly Nemoy said...

Heehee - good point! :)