Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cloth, Books & Coins...

I know - I know - this whole updating once a week is really quite a let-down after my almost daily-posting for a couple of months. You'll have to forgive me though - it seems impossible to get anything done with a baby around.
Z has been taking a turn wearing Buzz around the house. (I actually took him out on a couple of walks in the wrap this week!) He really loves the extra cuddling and it leaves our hands-free to get stuff done.
Last Shabbos was nice and relaxing. Sara joined us (which meant an extra set of hands to help take care of Buzz!) Sunday was a quiet sort of do-nothing day. Monday the guys came over for game-'day' (lunch was repurposed ratatouille tossed with fresh pasta and some Parmesan sprinkled on top). Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur of feedings and diaper changings and crying fits. Wednesday afternoon Buzz had his 2-month appointment at 'Tipat Chalav' (the baby care clinic) - and he got a round of vaccinations. Poor kid wasn't too pleased with them at all.
This morning started pretty early. We went out to the 'Industrial Area' to see if we could find materials for Z to use in order to build his final-project for this semester's studio. We were only partially successful (and the other store we wanted to go to was closed) so I swung by the city-center on the way Home.
 As a special breakfast treat (for me) we stopped off at the new Aldo Ice Cream store that opened in our very own tiny shopping center! I enjoyed a scoop of Snickers ice cream in an honest to goodness waffle cone and Z opted for a mini-Belgian-waffle with a scoop of Maple ice cream (and a ton of whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top). Next time - I'm totally getting one of those!
 I dropped Z off at school on my way back up the mountain. Then Buzz and I hung out for a couple of hours. Eventually Z came Home and the guys decided to have another game-day (since it's the end of the semester and soon we'll be having the two-month summer-hiatus.) I made a batch of pizza up for lunch. It was the best that I could come up with on short notice, and I really didn't want to make pasta again. I thought it was pretty good - I hope everyone else enjoyed it.
 I got in at the last game of the day and somehow managed to win. (Or I think I won anyway - we kind of embiggened the board and played until 15 points. It took close to 3 hours and none of us could think straight after the first 20 minutes - Buzz crying hysterically for absolutely no reason didn't really help matters.)
Ayala came to visit and she presented Buzz with a super-smushy hand-knitted floppy-teddy! I think I'll call him Flopp E. Teddy - until Buzz can come up with a name of his own for his pal! I'll have to post a picture of them having fun together! Her visit was short because she was on her way to meet up with another friend. I gave her a ride down to Tzomet Tapuach - the scenery on that road always takes my breath away.

After washing all of the pareve and dairy dishes and scrubbing all of the baby-bottles I am officially exhausted.

Tomorrow we have the (rescheduled) photo-shoot and then we're off to The Sun House for Shabbos to join in Little Brother's Shabbat Chatan!!! I can't believe he's getting married on Sunday! It's SO exciting!!!

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