Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ginger Snappies!

Lucky Z! Buzz, Ice Cream & The Moon!
 Becca left this morning after a fun breakfast.
Sleepy Buzz - 10 weeks old!
The fix-it-guys finished the work inside our apartment.
Thanks Papa!!! Buzz's very first special music cd&book!
  Then we ran around trying to get the apartment ready for our next wave of guests.
Buzz & Hobbes hang out!
In the meantime I ran out to the post office and picked up 2 exciting packages! 
Thanks Miller Cousins!!!
Before we knew it the Millers had arrived! Rik & Co. joined us for a delightful night. Gramma's chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.
Awesome loot from Great Aunt Sab!
We got the kiddos to sleep after watching THE funniest phone conversation between Yaeli & Papa.
"Play with me, pleeeeease?!"
 Then it was grown-up relaxation time. We caught up and did some laundry and washed the dishes.
All the way from Oz from Auntie Becca!!! :)
Tomorrow we're off to The Sun House!

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