Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JailChicky! Squeak!

Today we gave Buzz a bath. He's finally started to tolerate them  - but today he actually enjoyed it.
You see - I accidentally made the water a little too warm (which we only noticed upon sitting him on his bath chair) it wasn't HOT it was just slightly warmer than he's used to. So we turned on the shower head in order to add some cooler water. As soon as Buzz saw the super-cool water-spitting toy he was all smiles and giggles. He reached for it and wanted to play with the stream of water. He was having such a great time that we ended up making the water in the hose a good temperature and giving him a sitting-shower! He reclined on his bath-chair waving (not just one but) two washcloths around in his tiny fists with THE biggest grin on his face. While I soaped and scrubbed him he was more than happy to bat at the waterfall. Best part was it was so easy to simply hose him down at the end and make sure that there were no bubbles left on him!

When he was done he actually wanted to stay in the tub! It was the funniest change of events.

I had forgotten how much fun bathtime could be and found myself wishing that the Grohe company still manufactured the 'Nessie' shower-head. He would really really love that!

Today I also filtered 2 liters of cold-brewed coffee and made ice and sugar-syrup. I just have to buy some milk and then I'm all good-to-go on awesomely amazing iced-coffee! I have some pictures of that to share - but I'll save them for another day.

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