Sunday, June 17, 2012

King Tutsalot

Happy Sunday everyone! Hard to believe that a whole new week is beginning. (Mostly because I'm still exhausted from the last 12 months or so - though at this point you think I'd be used to it.)

Last week was ridiculously busy and this week won't be any different.

On Wednesday we went to Tel-Aviv where we bought 24 kg of fabric. Thursday was spent on campus assembling Z's final studio project. We ended up going to The Sun House for shabbos because there was no time to cook or clean or breathe or anything and we were in desperate need of a sewing machine (for the 30 meters of cloth that this project entails).
On Friday we got on the road bright and early after spending all night taking care of non-sleepy Buzz, and pinning a whole lot of fabric. We stopped at the baby-stuff store to pick up some new pants for our little ball of lead who has outgrown all of the waist elastics on his 0-3 month bottoms. (the bottom snaps on his tops are tight too so we picked up some of those also.)

I brought some chicken soup with us as payment for the weekend. It was the only thing that I had prepared for shabbos - and the first time I ever made chicken soup in a crock-pot. It cooked for about 9 hours (while we were on campus) and rumor had it that the stuff came out pretty tasty.
We stopped by S&S's house to visit with them for a bit. Then we detoured to SuperH to pick up some gourmet vanilla ice cream and a few bottles of root beer in honor of Yo'Abba's birthday. (We had tiny root beer floats for dessert after shabbos lunch.) Then Rikuda&co stopped by to visit! It was such a fun and busy day!

Shabbos afternoon flew by. I totally forgot to take a nap because the day passed so quickly! Then before we knew it we were driving aaaaaalllllll the way down rt5 and we were Home again.

Today will be spent on campus (again) trying to sew the pieces of the tent together...
Wish us luck! We really really need it.

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