Monday, June 11, 2012

Pomi Adorro...

On our way Home from shopping today we went over a bump at a relatively quick speed. Buzz was sleeping soundly but seized the moment to giggle uncontrollably. We couldn't help but laugh along.
 Phil came to visit and we had a special dinner in her honor. Z chose ribs and I threw together a really awesome sauce to use on the BBQ - I wrote down what I did and I hope that I can replicate the results at some point in the future.
Buzz went to the pediatrician today for his 2-month check-up. The dr was amazingly nice and said that everything looks great. It's a shame he's retiring in a couple of months - although I'm sure he's looking forward to the trip he has planned to New Zealand.
Tomorrow Z has to assemble and measure the frame of the structure for his studio-project. I need to go to the pharmacy and buy some mosquito-bite-de-itching-cream.
I can't believe Phil just played the entire game of Portal with Z's help. I hear the credit song rolling. Now she knows the truth about the cake.

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