Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Chance!!!

This morning I was up and out of the house ridiculously early. Well, early for me anyway. I spent 45 minutes on line at the post office (waiting to buy 1 stamp for a postcard) then I went to Yesh to pick up the last of the groceries and to 'recycle' 30 plastic & glass bottles.

Little did I know that yesterday when I casually mentioned going on an outing today to Z that he had been listening. I got back Home and while unpacking the groceries Z insisted that I hurry-up so that we could get on the road.

We took a little hop-skip-jump down to Be'erot Yitzchak where we toured an awesome baby-stuff-store - they sell everything but the baby! We finally ordered a crib for Buzz and it should be ready for pick-up sometime in about a month. (We were extremely indulgent parents because we let him choose the crib. That is to say we held him up in front of a couple of models and when his eyes lit up we knew that was the one he wanted. I'm still convinced he just got excited about the colorful toy sitting in it - but it turned out to be the one I liked best anyway.)

A quick stop at 'Home-Center' where we picked up some big storage containers - then we made our way back Home.

I organized a bit of the disaster-area which is going to become Buzz's room. Then I enjoyed THE most amazing iced coffee I've had in years. We had a battle getting Buzz to take any afternoon naps but he finally fell asleep (thanks to sheer-exhaustion) so Z & I got to watch some tv and eat dinner in peace.

I took most of our food for Shabbos out of the freezer and will make the last few things tomorrow.

Maybe (hopefully) I'll get the chance (and burst of energy) to clean the stove-top and counters tomorrow too.

Quiet Shabbos planned for us here. I hope I don't get too bored...

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