Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Frinks!

Woke up this morning and new it was going to be an awfully long day. Buzz was up at 6 but Z was kind enough to do the first shift, so I figured I'd return the favor by taking the next round. Buzz woke up at 8:30 which was 45 minutes too early for his next bottle. We played for a little while and finally finally it was eating time. After eating the silly boy wanted to play some more - so we did.
Then he went down for a nap. No fuss. I was amazed.
I washed all of Buzz's bottles. Then I put 3 containers of shamenet into the strainer to make some cream cheese for the break-fast on Sunday.
Eventually I got a burst of energy so I put up a pot of tomato sauce to cook. I went 'minimalistic' with my recipe. (I halved the tomatoes then seeded them into a strainer set over a bowl. Then I chopped the tomatoes and dumped them into a pot with garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, parsley and a dash of red pepper flakes. I mushed the seed-goop in the strainer and once all the liquid was thru, I poured that into the pot too. I cooked them covered until the tomatoes had basically disintegrated then I removed the lid and reduced/boiled off most of the liquid. Once the goop was cool I gave it a whir in te food processor. Then I squished everything through a sieve (to remove skins and any sneaky seeds from my smooth deliciousness.) I even gave Z a taste-test. He seemed enthused by the idea that this sauce will be going into his lunch for Shabbat and possibly into a dinner tomorrow night too!
There is A LOT to do tomorrow and it's gonna be HOT out so I'm not looking forward to having the oven running. Even if I start at 5am it'll be too warm for my liking. I've got to make: challah for shabbos and bagels for after the fast, 3 meals for on Shabbat and of course - dessert.
If I have any spare time I might pop out to pick up some almond or oat milk so that I can bake some treats for myself. Did I mention that I'm back on the FF-Diet. My body has finally decided that there's no reason for me to be able to eat all sorts of deliciousness. I'm trying the elimination method this time though - cutting back on what I was allowing myself rather than going completely 'cold turkey' - even still it means no wheat, minimal onions, garlic, carrots and fructan containing foods. I'm valiantly trying to hold onto as many fruits as I can. It's a little bit depressing - but at least this time around I've got Buzz and barley chocolate chip cookies to keep me company.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Today was Freddie's Hebrew Birthday and considering that the last time I posted was on her English Birthday, I figured it would be appropriate to blog again! We were out of the house briiiight and early this morning. By 9:45 we were in Segula standing on line to get our car inspected.
 We passed with flying colors and then hopped over to The Freddie's house. Before ringing the bell we took a stroll to the local grocery store and picked up some ice cream and a chocolate bar! (Can you tell that this was semi-impromptu?) Then we walked back, rang the bell and shouted "surprise!!!!" really loudly. Did you hear us? We were loud. Ok, so not all that loud. But back to the point. We chilled there and Freddie herself made a delicious lunch of Raviolis, homemade tomato sauce and some deeelicious lemony iced tea. Eventually we had to leave so we said our goodbyes, piled into the car and made our way Home.
I played with a super-hyper and VERY smiley Buzz for over an hour and then he conked out for a good afternoon nap. I am not ashamed to say that I followed suit! (Naps are goooood for an Ima - even if they only last for 5-7 minutes!!) What else happened., well, Abba read with Buzz before bedtime, and then he washed aaaaallllll of the dishes (for which I will be eternally grateful - which is not to say that he won't ever have to wash dishes again.)
Happy 9th Aliyahvesary to my fambily! Wow - 9 whole years full-time on Accacia Lane, 9 years since I started seminary, 9 years since I graduated high school?!, 9 years. Time just seems to fly by.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Extra Post Day!

Some more fun Buzz-ness!!! Buzz & Uncle Frank: Buzz in Gloves: Smiley After a Nap: Training the next generation of geeks:

To Iowa!

So - we never made it back to The Middle of Nowhere yesterday. Instead we ended up at the auto-mechanic where we replaced our desiccated windshield wipers and changed our 2 rear tires.
 We also didn't make it to Iowa today. We did attempt to perform semi-surgery on large tiny phalanges but eventually abandoned our course of action.
FF pizza-esque lunch following a shopping adventure during which miniature post-it-notes were acquired.
The ceiling isn't painted well and the gardeners are a bit thirsty - but we watered them and who knows - maybe they'll grow.
For a bit of extra entertainment check out Buzz (and his Abba) having a few laughs!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolphins and Dolphins!!

Ohmygoodness where is time flying away to?! The summer feels like it has lasted forever and like it flew by. We returned to The Sun House last Thursday night for a farewell dinner with the extended mishpucha. There was phantom tickles syndrome, lots of laughs, amazing potluck dinner and a couple of tears on account of a highly moving 'toast' given by GUM. Our trip Home was latelatelate and we walked into the apt at a little before midnight. Exhausted and saddened that our guests would be on a plane less than 12 hours later. Friday morning dawned bright, early and HOT. I scrambled around to cook food for Shabbos and at 3pm the heat had beaten us. We packed up the car and traveled back to The Sun House to seek refuge in the airconditioning. Shabbos was a lot of fun. It was a win/win situation for everyone - the big house didn't feel quite as empty and we got to relax in the chilled air. Friday night everyne zonked out late but early. Shabbos morning was relaxed and we played some Settlers and hung-out with some of Frank's groupies. Saturday night we tried to get to sleep early but it didn't quite work out and today was another hectic day. Poor Buzz really doesn't handle the heat well. Even being in the car-seat gives him terrible heat-rash and sets him on the road to dehydration from sweating so much. It's been really tough for him with all of the travelling and especially when we are at home and it's so unbearably hot. As a result we're feeding him small quantities every two hours. The poor kiddo doesn't know what to do with himself. Today I bought some essentials to keep in The Sun House. A bouncy seat for the babies to play in, a bath-seat and pad (it works perfectly for Buzz because he takes 'showers' anyway) and a couple of other random things. We've opted to use The Sun House as a base for the next few days - hopefully this heat-wave won't last longer than that. Tomorrow we'll make a trip out to The-middle-of-nowhere in order to pick up clothes and supplies.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Wubba Wubba!

This past weekend was long and a whole lot of fun! We kicked it off on Thursday morning in Jerusalem at brunch with the WHOLE family - IPs, DZs, EPs & Freddies! A handful of us smushed into the clown car and went back to The Sun House early. Phil & I went on a shopping excursion and got Buzz some cute clothes that fit! Everyone else got back niiiice and late.

Friday morning was an earlyish wake-up. Z took all non-EPs to Jeru for some shuk-experience and fun. The rest of us hustle-bustled and cleaned and cooked for Shabbos.

 Shabbos was highly enjoyable. Friday night was amusing followed by a funny Shabbos day. Awesome food all-around and a lot of laughs. Frank McNugget's fan-club showed up at some point, we played a couple of games of Settlers, and spent a large chunk of the day wiping spit-up off of the floors. (I guess that last one is just a consequance of having 2 babies in 1 house for a weekend.)
Saturday night party started late - after havdala and all. We enjoyed 4-pies of 24-hour cold-rise thin-crust pizza. (Yours truly had a little bit to do with that - but it got the 3 slurps of approval from Timmy - for the sauce, dough & cheese mix.)
On Sunday morning (it was a 'fast' day - 17th of Tammuz - pushed off and all) we visited our favorite pediatrician in The Sun House to get a quick weigh-in for the BuzzMonster. He tipped the scales at a whopping 5kilo995grams!
After a shopping spree at Super-H with Freddie, we packed up the car and headed Home. The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur of laundry, dishes, and taking care of Buzz - who is only happy when a real person is talking to him - preferably while he's in their arms...
So far today has been somewhat uneventful - besides for Buzz waking up at 6:30 (instead of his usual 7:30/8). Z dropped the car off at our local mechanic for its yearly tune-up. (We'll have to take it for inspection some time next week.) We're trying to decide on plans for the rest of the week now that it's just about summer-vacation. Z still has a number of projects and assignments to hand in for school - but there's a little time to have some fun. So - hopefully we'll find something fun to do!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

12 Weeks & Growing...

So - you know that whole - picture being worth 1,000 words? Yeah - this post basically constitutes a novel. Especially if you figure in all of the babbling, kvetching and crying that went on today.
Many thanks to my tiny weirdo and funny guy for putting up with me while I played around with the fancy camera. I think I'm starting to remember how to use it.

Just as a follow-up on a post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago about having a mommy-meltdown... I spoke to a trained professional and was assured that I'm completely normal. Turns out that having a kid can do things to you in more ways than one!

And another thought to chew on - there is nothing as true as the saying that you don't know exhaustion until you become a parent...

Monday, July 02, 2012


Shabbos was amazing this past week! It was just Z, B & me! As a super-special birthdayS present Buzz slept well through the night AND he napped oh so very nicely!

Sunday was kind if busy - I tried to get as much prep done for today as possible. The first wave of cousins arrived from across the pond.

This morning started bright and early. By 7am I was in the kitchen mixing up a batch of tomato-basil rolls. (I baked them in 2 pie-tins - 8 rolls in each. They were the perfect size and oh so tasty!) Baked ziti, tomato onion quiche, sliced veggies, roasted veggies, chumus, pita-chips, fresh fruit, brownies and lemony-lemon cake were JUST the right amount for the amazing group that gathered in our house all afternoon.

The second wave of cousins arrived in The Holy Land (2 hours later than expected thanks to late take-off) but were willing to shlep to the middle of nowhere to visit with us! We were SO excited!!! Buzz had an awesome time and was quite happy to be the life of the party for a little while (he even took 2 naps cause we tired him out!) And the game-crew came over - for their last game of the year. They got to meet the cousins too! We really enjoyed and had a lot of fun!

The family left for The Sun House (smack in the middle of rush-hour) but we'll see them again bright and early on Thursday in Jeru. We played another game of Settlers and Z didn't win - on account of his friends ganging up on him.

What an amazingly crazy and awesome day.

Hoping that today was a taste of what the rest of the summer will be like!