Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Frinks!

Woke up this morning and new it was going to be an awfully long day. Buzz was up at 6 but Z was kind enough to do the first shift, so I figured I'd return the favor by taking the next round. Buzz woke up at 8:30 which was 45 minutes too early for his next bottle. We played for a little while and finally finally it was eating time. After eating the silly boy wanted to play some more - so we did.
Then he went down for a nap. No fuss. I was amazed.
I washed all of Buzz's bottles. Then I put 3 containers of shamenet into the strainer to make some cream cheese for the break-fast on Sunday.
Eventually I got a burst of energy so I put up a pot of tomato sauce to cook. I went 'minimalistic' with my recipe. (I halved the tomatoes then seeded them into a strainer set over a bowl. Then I chopped the tomatoes and dumped them into a pot with garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, parsley and a dash of red pepper flakes. I mushed the seed-goop in the strainer and once all the liquid was thru, I poured that into the pot too. I cooked them covered until the tomatoes had basically disintegrated then I removed the lid and reduced/boiled off most of the liquid. Once the goop was cool I gave it a whir in te food processor. Then I squished everything through a sieve (to remove skins and any sneaky seeds from my smooth deliciousness.) I even gave Z a taste-test. He seemed enthused by the idea that this sauce will be going into his lunch for Shabbat and possibly into a dinner tomorrow night too!
There is A LOT to do tomorrow and it's gonna be HOT out so I'm not looking forward to having the oven running. Even if I start at 5am it'll be too warm for my liking. I've got to make: challah for shabbos and bagels for after the fast, 3 meals for on Shabbat and of course - dessert.
If I have any spare time I might pop out to pick up some almond or oat milk so that I can bake some treats for myself. Did I mention that I'm back on the FF-Diet. My body has finally decided that there's no reason for me to be able to eat all sorts of deliciousness. I'm trying the elimination method this time though - cutting back on what I was allowing myself rather than going completely 'cold turkey' - even still it means no wheat, minimal onions, garlic, carrots and fructan containing foods. I'm valiantly trying to hold onto as many fruits as I can. It's a little bit depressing - but at least this time around I've got Buzz and barley chocolate chip cookies to keep me company.

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