Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolphins and Dolphins!!

Ohmygoodness where is time flying away to?! The summer feels like it has lasted forever and like it flew by. We returned to The Sun House last Thursday night for a farewell dinner with the extended mishpucha. There was phantom tickles syndrome, lots of laughs, amazing potluck dinner and a couple of tears on account of a highly moving 'toast' given by GUM. Our trip Home was latelatelate and we walked into the apt at a little before midnight. Exhausted and saddened that our guests would be on a plane less than 12 hours later. Friday morning dawned bright, early and HOT. I scrambled around to cook food for Shabbos and at 3pm the heat had beaten us. We packed up the car and traveled back to The Sun House to seek refuge in the airconditioning. Shabbos was a lot of fun. It was a win/win situation for everyone - the big house didn't feel quite as empty and we got to relax in the chilled air. Friday night everyne zonked out late but early. Shabbos morning was relaxed and we played some Settlers and hung-out with some of Frank's groupies. Saturday night we tried to get to sleep early but it didn't quite work out and today was another hectic day. Poor Buzz really doesn't handle the heat well. Even being in the car-seat gives him terrible heat-rash and sets him on the road to dehydration from sweating so much. It's been really tough for him with all of the travelling and especially when we are at home and it's so unbearably hot. As a result we're feeding him small quantities every two hours. The poor kiddo doesn't know what to do with himself. Today I bought some essentials to keep in The Sun House. A bouncy seat for the babies to play in, a bath-seat and pad (it works perfectly for Buzz because he takes 'showers' anyway) and a couple of other random things. We've opted to use The Sun House as a base for the next few days - hopefully this heat-wave won't last longer than that. Tomorrow we'll make a trip out to The-middle-of-nowhere in order to pick up clothes and supplies.

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