Monday, July 23, 2012


Today was Freddie's Hebrew Birthday and considering that the last time I posted was on her English Birthday, I figured it would be appropriate to blog again! We were out of the house briiiight and early this morning. By 9:45 we were in Segula standing on line to get our car inspected.
 We passed with flying colors and then hopped over to The Freddie's house. Before ringing the bell we took a stroll to the local grocery store and picked up some ice cream and a chocolate bar! (Can you tell that this was semi-impromptu?) Then we walked back, rang the bell and shouted "surprise!!!!" really loudly. Did you hear us? We were loud. Ok, so not all that loud. But back to the point. We chilled there and Freddie herself made a delicious lunch of Raviolis, homemade tomato sauce and some deeelicious lemony iced tea. Eventually we had to leave so we said our goodbyes, piled into the car and made our way Home.
I played with a super-hyper and VERY smiley Buzz for over an hour and then he conked out for a good afternoon nap. I am not ashamed to say that I followed suit! (Naps are goooood for an Ima - even if they only last for 5-7 minutes!!) What else happened., well, Abba read with Buzz before bedtime, and then he washed aaaaallllll of the dishes (for which I will be eternally grateful - which is not to say that he won't ever have to wash dishes again.)
Happy 9th Aliyahvesary to my fambily! Wow - 9 whole years full-time on Accacia Lane, 9 years since I started seminary, 9 years since I graduated high school?!, 9 years. Time just seems to fly by.

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