Monday, July 02, 2012


Shabbos was amazing this past week! It was just Z, B & me! As a super-special birthdayS present Buzz slept well through the night AND he napped oh so very nicely!

Sunday was kind if busy - I tried to get as much prep done for today as possible. The first wave of cousins arrived from across the pond.

This morning started bright and early. By 7am I was in the kitchen mixing up a batch of tomato-basil rolls. (I baked them in 2 pie-tins - 8 rolls in each. They were the perfect size and oh so tasty!) Baked ziti, tomato onion quiche, sliced veggies, roasted veggies, chumus, pita-chips, fresh fruit, brownies and lemony-lemon cake were JUST the right amount for the amazing group that gathered in our house all afternoon.

The second wave of cousins arrived in The Holy Land (2 hours later than expected thanks to late take-off) but were willing to shlep to the middle of nowhere to visit with us! We were SO excited!!! Buzz had an awesome time and was quite happy to be the life of the party for a little while (he even took 2 naps cause we tired him out!) And the game-crew came over - for their last game of the year. They got to meet the cousins too! We really enjoyed and had a lot of fun!

The family left for The Sun House (smack in the middle of rush-hour) but we'll see them again bright and early on Thursday in Jeru. We played another game of Settlers and Z didn't win - on account of his friends ganging up on him.

What an amazingly crazy and awesome day.

Hoping that today was a taste of what the rest of the summer will be like!

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