Friday, August 31, 2012

Number 4 is a Charm!

So - Z picked up the dibbles and screws, but none of the drilling and hanging has gotten done yet. I picked up the packages from the post office and managed to pick up a copy of Buzz's birth certificate in English (waited over an hour at misrad hapnim) but now I just have to fill out all of the paperwork, make an appt and then we need to go to Tel Aviv and get Buzz his American citizenship.
 A couple of super-fun books came in the mail. It's so cute that some of the classics that I always loved are in 'mini' now. They're the full story - but the actual paper size is smaller. (Printing must be cheaper this way.) Either way - they're a great size for tiny hands to hold.
 Buzz really loves it when we read to and with him. He also likes to try to eat the books - but I keep telling him that they're for reading and not for eating. (Speaking of which - I should really try to get a copy of that book too.)
 Last night a friend stopped by to visit. This morning she gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Either it was something in the cookies or it was all of the stairs...
So far this morning I baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies (FF - of course) and watered the plants. But there's still a ton to do. Laundry, cleaning, showering, packing, getting dressed and of course - entertaining the Buzz-monster.
Shabbos should be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it!
 More on that tomorrow - or Sunday - or whenever it is that I get the chance...
(That's Z's face when I told him that I was going to sit down and blog...I think he wanted me to take care of the kid while he read trolled & scrolled through more Reddit threads.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tiny Rompers...

I started this post on Friday - it seemed like a waste not to post it even though it's a rambling mush of thoughts. So I just added some more at the end. If it doesn't seem to flow - let's just blame it on the fact that I have a teething 4 month old who has decided that sleep is for the weak and completely optional.

Can you tell that I'm slightly distressed on account of my brain being complete and total mush?

...Baked a batch of muffins this morning. Was proud of myself for being creative enough to use up the peach puree in the fridge by putting it into the muffins. Thought long and hard and decided to hide a square of white chocolate inside each muffin. Put the tray into he oven and 5 minutes later kicked myself in the tush. Why didn't I stir in some cinnamon or nutmeg?! The cake is going to taste too plain. Z isn't going to like them. They're going to sit in the freezer until I get frustrated and turn them into cake truffles (probably not going to happen) or throw them out (most likely outcome) - this makes me tear-up a little - mostly because with that end result I might as well have just thrown out the puree in the first place. *sigh*...

Buzz woke us up every hour and a half last night - every time he had managed to fling his button out to a far-corner of the baby-jail.

So far my clothes and Buzz's clothes are packed for Shabbos. I haven't made a dessert because I can't figure out what to make. I know Yo'Abba loves pecan pie - but I don't have any pecans left. I really want to try making French Macarons but don't have the time or patience to do it today - I also don't have all of the ingredients.

...Now that I'm thinking about it - if I had some peach preserves or something then the muffins would probably taste alright slathered with them...

SLR came over yesterday and slept-over. She & Z sat and discussed house-plan-issues (she's ~much~ better trained with 'proper' bathroom layout and detail-oriented-technicalities.) I think some progress was made even though Z isn't thrilled with it - I'm hoping he can get over it so that we can move forward.

...It's funny how any fresh baked good still makes the house smell homey in the morning - even if they probably won't get eaten...

We BBQ'd last night and it was delicious. I made the 'usual' teriyaki sauce but subbed some rice wine vinegar for some of the water and added a dash (or 3) of ginger. The house smelled like chinese take-out which I thought was pretty cool.

Yesterday I backed up both cameras (for the first time in a ~long~ time.) I also went out to the post office and picked up the books that I'd ordered. Buzz absolutely ~loved~ it when Z read him 'Ferdinand' as a bed-time story.

Shabbos was long - and boring - the most exciting part being drinking my weight in Pina Coladas - ok - so my goal weight anyway.... Not much else to say about it really.

Sunday was fun - we went to Ikea (again) and finally managed to buy the doors for our living room bookcases. (They haven't had them in stock the last 3 trips - and they were the real reason that we went in the first place!)

Monday was very busy. Besides for being Phil's birthday we spent it in The Sun House. We visited with S&S (and bonus time with some cousins) then went on a shipping spree at H&O. I bought almost an entire wardrobe for Buzz for next spring & summer. (All the Carter's clothes were buy 1 get 1 free - but only the summer collection - meaning only if ALL the pieces on the hanger were short-sleeves. So dumb - but still better than paying full price next year when I need it. I was excited because he has some really cute onesies that I love but they're super small - so I managed to snag them in bigger sizes!) I figure it's ok for him to wear the same designs next year (mostly because I haven't bought myself a new wardrobe since my 1st trip back to America - yeah, that's about 8 years ago. Sure I've gotten a shirt or three throughout the years - but mostly those just replace whatever has gotten holes or has become 'see-thru' from over-wear. I guess it's a good thing that I never leave my house.)

After an enormously over-filling dinner of ribs (bbq & teriyaki), fries and pina coladas we decided to stay in The Sun House for the night.

Tuesday morning we rushed Home to make it to Buzz's Tipat Chalav appointment. Little Chunk weighed in at 7.340kg (a little over 16 lbs.) and 63cm long (not as long as his long-lean-bean cousin - but perfect for his charts.) The nurse was thrilled at his progress and was delighted to hear that he has been loving his food! He took his shots like a stoic little man - quieting down as soon as Z cuddled him and then offered him a bottle. (B"H he hasn't had any negative reaction to the vaccinations - so no need for meds! That's my boy!)

He was over-excited to get straight sweet potatoes yesterday (on account of us forgetting his rice-cereal in The Sun House.) And when Ayala stopped by to say 'hi' on her way to Tel Aviv he was pretty cheery. We put the doors onto the bookcases and finally assembled the changing-table. Then I organized the room and it's just about done - last few things to take care of but nowhere to clean the stuff up to - so it's good enough for now.

So far this morning I spent an hour carrying him around because he wanted to be held AND walked (one or the other wasn't enough) and he didn't want to be in the carrier - so my arms got a workout. He went down for a morning nap (for the first time in a few days) so I took the chance to clear off the drying-racks in the kitchen and eat a plate of rice with potato chips. (ugh.)

We really need to go grocery shopping because I have to bake desserts to take with us to our friends' house for Shabbos. (Yup - another weekend away from home.) Hopefully next weekend will be quiet and alone and home again. (By 'again' I mean - for the 6th time since the baby was born...and by 'quiet and alone' I mean - for the 4th time since the baby was born.)

Maybe more later - if my brain is still functioning. Today we are supposed to: go to the post office, go grocery shopping, get screws&dibbles to hang the window-curtains, put up the hooks to secure the shower-rods in both bathrooms, shorten the curtains in the living room, bake/cook, straighten up the kitchen and possibly organize the bedroom closets.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rice & Maple Syrup*

*Note about the title - That is actually what Z offered me for breakfast this morning. "That's what we have in the fridge" was his explanation when I raised my eyebrows and threw up a little in my mouth.

I should totally blog whenever I get the chance to take the time to use the bathroom. (Not that ~that~ happens often - well, not often enough anyway.) So I end up with a gazillion thoughts rushing through my head at high-speeds. Eventually they all collide and after an intense 10-15 seconds of painfully blinding pressure they all seem to implode and everything goes quiet - for about 20 seconds - then the process repeats. I'm typing this with a smile and also because it's what popped into my head when I sat down - so I figured that maybe I could forestall the inevitable...
I am sneezing from dust and my cheeks hurt from smiling. Yes - it's true. And I'd be tickled if that was the worst thing that I had to say about the last 2 days.
Yesterday morning I went out to run 2 errands. Simple errands. Pick up photos from photo-printing store (I sent them in digitally, checked to make sure that they were ready, got cheated out of free shipping but still agreed to pick them up in person) - all there was left to do was to pick them up. Then proceed to post office and mail with already prepared envelope. These simple errands took 2 trips to the photo store and 2 hours.
Part 1 - walk into store, stand on line with 30 other people in a shop the size of a broom closet, collect the envelope, pay, walk out of store.
Part 2 - power walk to the post office while getting 1 set of the photos out of the store-envelope and into the address ready-to-mail envelope.
Part 3 - arrive at post-office, take number, realize that there are 20 people ahead of me, mentally calculate that I will be waiting at the post-office for roughly 45 minutes, sit down, look through 2nd set of photos, realize that photos are covered in weird pink splotches and that the color is all off, get frustrated, quickly recover and open sealed envelope to check quality of contained photos, sigh with relief at having double-checked because the photos ~do~ indeed have splotches all over them, recalculate the time until my turn (a while but not long enough to get back to the photo store - deal with the issue - and get back to the post-office before missing my turn), wait another 15 minutes until my number is called, buy stamps, leave post office
Part 4 - dash (crazily & furiously) back to the printing store and enter
Part 5 - wait 10 minutes until the computer-illiterate guy and creepy-'stoner'-guy realize that there is a customer who is waiting
Part 6 - show them the garbage quality that they did and insist that they reprint, they insist (for about 3 ridiculous minutes that the photos look 'Great!'
Part 7 - wait over half an hour for 10 photos to be printed (while "they'll be ready in 5 minutes." is repeated at me over 2 dozen times.)
(Note: I was NOT smiling at this point.)
Back at Home I: Washed 2 loads of laundry, emptied then reorganized and finally refilled 4 cabinets in the kitchen, scrubbed down the mirpeset - including floor and enormous glass 'windows' on the 'railing', organized the living room table, insisted that the garbage get taken out, finished preparing the mango-baby-food in the freezer, fed baby, walked baby, shhushed and patted baby to sleep, bathed baby, got spit up on by baby, more baby-related-activities.
I also had a very pleasant experience with my internet provider - I'd been having some trouble but had no patience to sit on hold for ages waiting to get transferred to the correct service-rep - so instead I sent them a message on facebook. They got back to me within the hour and asked for a contact number. In under 15 minutes a service rep had called me and taken care of all of the issues! I was SO impressed.
Suffice it to say - I literally collapsed into bed at 10pm. Exhausted.
Thankfully(?) I was so tired that I didn't hear Buzz kvetch last night - except for once - and I ignored it - like a good mother. (Yes, yes - Z went to him - he'd lost his 'button')

This morning at 8:15 I woke up. I hadn't heard Buzz cry but Z was sleeping peacefully so I figured the baby was probably sleeping too. And he was. I guess he decided to sleep-in to make up for his shortened naps and sleepless night 2 nights ago.

He woke up in a superbly smiley and giggly mood. Z fed him while I finished organizing the very last kitchen cabinet. Not sure what else there is to do today - but I'm hoping to get some more stuff organized. (I'm doing my spring-cleaning now - since the weather is warm and I didn't get to do it before Pesach...)

If you are now sufficiently bored (of my droning and the gazillion photos) then check out this gem that I found last night - - turns out I know the author - which only made me laugh a little bit harder because I could imagine the stories 'in action' (though it also scared the pants off me - I mean, I've only been a mom for 4 months and she's been at it for 4 years...) From what I read - this blog will definitely get more interesting in the future.
And that's not really sand - it's how I've decided to disguise my organic brown (FF) cane sugar. I mean - now ~nobody~ will touch it - right...?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Her Bob!

A zillion funny pictures today!!!
I was somewhat productive this morning - I took all of the containers out of the pareve cabinet and organized them according to shape and size. Gosh I have a lot of them! Now they're neatly stacked on the table. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to finish the job tomorrow and put them away.
Buzz seemed to enjoy his first night in the Big Buzz Crib! This morning we was content to flip over and look around his room for a while before asking to be picked-up.
I also washed all of the stuffed animals today. (Trust me - between dust and spit-up - they realllllly needed it.) Buzz was a tiny-bit over-excited to get back all of his friends (and some new ones) smelling all clean and fresh!
What a funny monkey! Also in fun news today I got a phone call from Debsy and one from S ~AND~ SLR came Home from across the pond! We also confirmed Shabbos plans for next week - which I am ridiculously excited about!
I think I'm remembering how to use the big fancy-dancy cameras. So many knobs and buttons and wheels - but I managed to give Z a quick tutorial and he understood what I was talking about! Yay! Also - I am absolutely head over heels in love with the lighting in the apartment just before the sun goes down. It's still bright enough to get amazing shots - but it's got that gorgeous warm glow to it! (I know - I could get rid of it - but I like it tooooo much!)
Hopefully more productive and exciting news tomorrow! I need to go pic up the last few photos so that we can send out the last couple of snail-mail letters (it takes time to get them all out - considering I mailed out 15 already each with a (small)page-long personalized handwritten note...)

I'm waiting for all of my presents to come in the mail. Nobody sends us letters (besides for the utilities companies - and all they want is payment for their services) - so I ordered a few books for Buzz (and for his funny cousin too!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cyanide - 160mg

Do you like my peach pits? I wasn't really after the pits - I happened to make a few trays of peach-mush for tiny-monster-man and felt silly throwing away all the pits, so I figured - let's see if we can get some trees started! Timing works out perfectly and theoretically if the mission is successful we should have a peach tree or two to plant in our garden in a couple of years! Don't worry - the noyaux is perfectly safe - so long as you don't eat it. I did some research - cause I'm crazy like that and I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Suffice it to say - I'll be applying some stratification efforts and hopefully will be able to get these little beauties to germinate successfully! I was oh-so-careful not to nick the delicate brown skins and now they are ready and raring to go. I just need some potting soil.
This morning while Buzz took him nap - Z drove out to Beerot Yitzchak and (finally) picked up the crib! He brought it home and we assembled it while Buzz watched on in fascinated horror of sorts.
He's working on getting the 'Button' back in his mouth by himself. A VERY nifty trick that we're hoping he'll figure out soon - because 2, 4 and 6am 'shove-ins' are a bit annoying.
He giggled a lot at first when we kept telling him that it's his 'Big Buzz Crib' and seemed relatively excited and skeptical all at the same time.
Then he realized that we meant he'd have to sleep in it instead of his cozy little camping-crib. (Check out the face below - he wasn't so excited anymore.)
 Then he turned to pleading... "Please don't make me sleep in there!"
But we quickly got his mind off of the crib my feeding him some lunch. He makes a real mess when he eats cereal. We've been stirring a teaspoon of veggies into it because otherwise he won't touch it. With the veggies he's happy to down it all. He does like to feel each bite with his fingers before swallowing though - hence the mess. BIG mess.
He's cute though. Even when he's covered in quick-drying veggie & rice gloop. Which is saying something. Unless I'm just wearing 'mom-goggles' - but I don't think that I am.
For the record - he went down for a nap in his nice new crib after his lunch. So all's well that ends well... assuming he sleeps tonight.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Tiny monster has been a fussy monster for the last few days. We're pretty much convinced that he's grappling with some new big milestone. Who knows - maybe this week will be the week that he finally flips all the way from his back to his front (instead of lying on his side and kicking his legs while wailing.)
Shabbos was delightful here in The Middle of Nowhere (besides for the oppressive heat which sprung from seemingly nowhere and stuck around until after the sun had sunk behind the mountains.) It was a laughter and giggle filled weekend. Buzz happily sucked down some rice-cereal (for the first time) and devoured peas and carrots too. He was also very excited to drink water from a 'real' cup again - like the big people do! The kid is turning into the funniest little chub - he'll be getting weighed in about 2 weeks - and I wonder what the dr will say.
Buzz's 'evil' twin...
Today I managed to read most of the book 'Wicked' - I started it back when Buzz was born but had been procrastinating finishing it. I finally reached the thrilling conclusion. Just for the record - the witch dies. Ooops - spoiler alert. Funny thing is - after reading the book I basically wanted to break down in tears when Dorothy tried to put out the fire.
Oral fixation much?
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day - it's time to go through all of Buzz's clothes again. He's gotten too big to fit into a bunch of his outfits - so I've got to reorganize. I've also been toying with the idea of switching things around in the kitchen. I'm not sure if I'll manage to do that tomorrow too.
At least I managed to scrub and polish the kitchen counters and the stovetop yesterday before Shabbos. It's SO nice to go into a day of rest with a sparkling clean kitchen.
This last picture keeps making me laugh. I'm not sure if the face is saying, "Ima, I'm not such an octopus fan" or "this thing tastes funny!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost There Indeed...

We woke up bright and early this morning. (Buzz's wake-up has shifted to 6am for some reason.) Luckily for me, Z is absolutely the bestest husband/abba ever and he gets up with Buzz at that ridiculous hour. I usually wake up some time around 7:30/8 to the sound of Buzz giggling uncontrollably.
First order of business this morning was taking care of the laundry. We spent a(nother) long weekend away from home, so a lot of Buzz's clothes got all icky-fied with food-goop. Thankfully it all washed out - even though some of the stains required pre-treating, 2 washes and a good dose of sun-bleaching.
Then I decided to clean the bathrooms from top to bottom. I followed that up with some more work on the disaster in the kitchen. Break-time came in the form of preparing lunch and then feeding Buzz some butternut squash (with a side of peas - the kid REALLY loves his peas.)
Z's friends came over today. I figure that they miss us (summer vacation seems to go on forever sometimes...) or they were really really bored. Whichever way - I was more than happy to have some extra hands to hold Buzz - even if I had to make lunch (and dessert) in payment.
Speaking of dessert I made this 'Kringle' (using the 'original' recipe - but the dough was dense and quite dry, so I might try it again with buttermilk - or I'll just make it with cinnamon-bun dough or something like that.) It was quite pretty and easy to shape!
A few fun hours for everyone. Settlers, veggies, loads of dirty dishes, 'video games' and a lot of amusement. All in all a very nice day. I even used up a whole batch of things from the fridge today. I love re-purposing leftovers - I enjoyed some awesome potato puffs for dinner (made from mashed potatoes from Friday.)
Who knows - maybe tomorrow we'll actually get our errands 'out of the house' done. I have to go pick up my new immersion-blender which is waiting at the post-office for me! I've also got to make a fruit puree - either peaches or plums... I read somewhere that it's advisable not to freeze mango as puree, rather as fresh cubes - I might do that (considering Buzz won't be trialing it until I'm giving him finger foods anyway...) At least that way I'll still have some in stock (because mangoes definitely won't be 'in season' by then.