Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost There Indeed...

We woke up bright and early this morning. (Buzz's wake-up has shifted to 6am for some reason.) Luckily for me, Z is absolutely the bestest husband/abba ever and he gets up with Buzz at that ridiculous hour. I usually wake up some time around 7:30/8 to the sound of Buzz giggling uncontrollably.
First order of business this morning was taking care of the laundry. We spent a(nother) long weekend away from home, so a lot of Buzz's clothes got all icky-fied with food-goop. Thankfully it all washed out - even though some of the stains required pre-treating, 2 washes and a good dose of sun-bleaching.
Then I decided to clean the bathrooms from top to bottom. I followed that up with some more work on the disaster in the kitchen. Break-time came in the form of preparing lunch and then feeding Buzz some butternut squash (with a side of peas - the kid REALLY loves his peas.)
Z's friends came over today. I figure that they miss us (summer vacation seems to go on forever sometimes...) or they were really really bored. Whichever way - I was more than happy to have some extra hands to hold Buzz - even if I had to make lunch (and dessert) in payment.
Speaking of dessert I made this 'Kringle' (using the 'original' recipe - but the dough was dense and quite dry, so I might try it again with buttermilk - or I'll just make it with cinnamon-bun dough or something like that.) It was quite pretty and easy to shape!
A few fun hours for everyone. Settlers, veggies, loads of dirty dishes, 'video games' and a lot of amusement. All in all a very nice day. I even used up a whole batch of things from the fridge today. I love re-purposing leftovers - I enjoyed some awesome potato puffs for dinner (made from mashed potatoes from Friday.)
Who knows - maybe tomorrow we'll actually get our errands 'out of the house' done. I have to go pick up my new immersion-blender which is waiting at the post-office for me! I've also got to make a fruit puree - either peaches or plums... I read somewhere that it's advisable not to freeze mango as puree, rather as fresh cubes - I might do that (considering Buzz won't be trialing it until I'm giving him finger foods anyway...) At least that way I'll still have some in stock (because mangoes definitely won't be 'in season' by then.

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