Sunday, August 05, 2012


This morning I went out to run a couple of errands. I visited the post office, the spice store, the 'naturals-stuff' store and a few other places. I was faintly amused by my 'number' at the post office. 629 - has a funny personal meaning to me for some odd reason.
Back at Home I got down to work. Buzz celebrated 17 weeks of awesomeness this past Friday and I was a little too paranoid to give him his 'happy 4 months' present until we were at Home. What present? Well, FOOD of course! The kiddo has practically been begging for it for months now and our pediatrician gave us the 'go ahead' for four-months.

Of course - I'm a crazy person - so I decided to make the food myself. I mean, I make everything else, right? Of course I'd forgotten that my stick-blender conked out and died a while back while making something or other. So I was stuck with my huge food processor and rather large blender - neither of which is ideal for making a small quantity of smooth-puree...
While I worked in the kitchen Buzz entertained himself (and Z)...
I settled on the blender and added a small bit of freshly boiled water to thin everything out. It wasn't completely smooth - but I've been reading up on the whole new baby-led-weaning fad and figured that we'd try it this way and if he had any trouble that I'd give in and buy jars until I get a new stick blender (or small food processor.)
I sterilized our ice-cube tray (which makes 2 tsp cubes) and filled it up with yummy yummy carrots so that there will be enough for the rest of the week!
Finally it was time for Buzz to try out this whole 'real food' thing that he's been so intrigued and interested in for the last 6 weeks!
We geared up and it went something like this:
All in all - adorable. He's a little video clip of his first few spoonfuls! We hope you enjoy and apologize if our laughter makes it hard to hear his little reactions.

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