Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cyanide - 160mg

Do you like my peach pits? I wasn't really after the pits - I happened to make a few trays of peach-mush for tiny-monster-man and felt silly throwing away all the pits, so I figured - let's see if we can get some trees started! Timing works out perfectly and theoretically if the mission is successful we should have a peach tree or two to plant in our garden in a couple of years! Don't worry - the noyaux is perfectly safe - so long as you don't eat it. I did some research - cause I'm crazy like that and I like to know what I'm getting myself into. Suffice it to say - I'll be applying some stratification efforts and hopefully will be able to get these little beauties to germinate successfully! I was oh-so-careful not to nick the delicate brown skins and now they are ready and raring to go. I just need some potting soil.
This morning while Buzz took him nap - Z drove out to Beerot Yitzchak and (finally) picked up the crib! He brought it home and we assembled it while Buzz watched on in fascinated horror of sorts.
He's working on getting the 'Button' back in his mouth by himself. A VERY nifty trick that we're hoping he'll figure out soon - because 2, 4 and 6am 'shove-ins' are a bit annoying.
He giggled a lot at first when we kept telling him that it's his 'Big Buzz Crib' and seemed relatively excited and skeptical all at the same time.
Then he realized that we meant he'd have to sleep in it instead of his cozy little camping-crib. (Check out the face below - he wasn't so excited anymore.)
 Then he turned to pleading... "Please don't make me sleep in there!"
But we quickly got his mind off of the crib my feeding him some lunch. He makes a real mess when he eats cereal. We've been stirring a teaspoon of veggies into it because otherwise he won't touch it. With the veggies he's happy to down it all. He does like to feel each bite with his fingers before swallowing though - hence the mess. BIG mess.
He's cute though. Even when he's covered in quick-drying veggie & rice gloop. Which is saying something. Unless I'm just wearing 'mom-goggles' - but I don't think that I am.
For the record - he went down for a nap in his nice new crib after his lunch. So all's well that ends well... assuming he sleeps tonight.

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