Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goodbye Nice Neighbors...

And we're back! Week 18 started with an unanticipated mini-vacation and A LOT of pina coladas.
 I ran errands on Sunday and mailed off a goodly number of envelopes to family and friends. Who knows - you might be getting a letter from a Nemoy sometime in the near future!
 On our way Home today we stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a variety of seasonal fruits. I'm so excited to turn them into puree. Not only for Buzz-Munchkin to eat but also for pancakes and muffins!
 While waiting for lunch to be ready (we started butternut squash - with GREAT success - today!) Z read a story to Buzz & Toffee. Buzz got bored and wandered off to get eaten by donuts instead - so Toffee finished the book by himself.
 I'm not quite sure whether buzz has hit his 4-month sleep-regression or if I'm just looking for reasons why he's been skipping naps and giving us trouble when it comes to sleeping. Thankfully (poopoopoo) he still sleeps for a night stretch through the night - but the poor kid is beyond zonked on account of his new 'no naps' policy. (We're not trying to keep him up - I swear. We walk/rock/bounce/jiggle/put him in crib/try to get him to sleep - he just doesn't go and if he manages to drift off then he's up again 15-30 minutes later.) I'm hoping it's a phase and that it will all even out - soon.

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