Monday, August 20, 2012

Her Bob!

A zillion funny pictures today!!!
I was somewhat productive this morning - I took all of the containers out of the pareve cabinet and organized them according to shape and size. Gosh I have a lot of them! Now they're neatly stacked on the table. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to finish the job tomorrow and put them away.
Buzz seemed to enjoy his first night in the Big Buzz Crib! This morning we was content to flip over and look around his room for a while before asking to be picked-up.
I also washed all of the stuffed animals today. (Trust me - between dust and spit-up - they realllllly needed it.) Buzz was a tiny-bit over-excited to get back all of his friends (and some new ones) smelling all clean and fresh!
What a funny monkey! Also in fun news today I got a phone call from Debsy and one from S ~AND~ SLR came Home from across the pond! We also confirmed Shabbos plans for next week - which I am ridiculously excited about!
I think I'm remembering how to use the big fancy-dancy cameras. So many knobs and buttons and wheels - but I managed to give Z a quick tutorial and he understood what I was talking about! Yay! Also - I am absolutely head over heels in love with the lighting in the apartment just before the sun goes down. It's still bright enough to get amazing shots - but it's got that gorgeous warm glow to it! (I know - I could get rid of it - but I like it tooooo much!)
Hopefully more productive and exciting news tomorrow! I need to go pic up the last few photos so that we can send out the last couple of snail-mail letters (it takes time to get them all out - considering I mailed out 15 already each with a (small)page-long personalized handwritten note...)

I'm waiting for all of my presents to come in the mail. Nobody sends us letters (besides for the utilities companies - and all they want is payment for their services) - so I ordered a few books for Buzz (and for his funny cousin too!)

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