Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mmmm, Green!

So very very green!
Pea-Shells - the parts we didn't need.
Ooooooh - Abba - It's Soooooo greeeen!
Green is pretty tasty now that you mention it.
More Green Please!!?!
Forget it - I'll feed myself green!
4 successful days of carrots culminated in PEAS!!! Oh the tiny-bugger was super-enthused by the sight of bright green heading towards his open and waiting mouth. It's so cute how he's only been eating 'solids' for 5 whole days but he already knows to: open wide, look cute and make an "aaaaahhhh" sound. Smart kid, huh? (Do I sound like a gloating Momma yet?!)

Hard to believe that it's Thursday - where has the whole week gone?! Tomorrow is erev-Shabbos and there is a WHOLE lot of work to be done.

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