Friday, August 31, 2012

Number 4 is a Charm!

So - Z picked up the dibbles and screws, but none of the drilling and hanging has gotten done yet. I picked up the packages from the post office and managed to pick up a copy of Buzz's birth certificate in English (waited over an hour at misrad hapnim) but now I just have to fill out all of the paperwork, make an appt and then we need to go to Tel Aviv and get Buzz his American citizenship.
 A couple of super-fun books came in the mail. It's so cute that some of the classics that I always loved are in 'mini' now. They're the full story - but the actual paper size is smaller. (Printing must be cheaper this way.) Either way - they're a great size for tiny hands to hold.
 Buzz really loves it when we read to and with him. He also likes to try to eat the books - but I keep telling him that they're for reading and not for eating. (Speaking of which - I should really try to get a copy of that book too.)
 Last night a friend stopped by to visit. This morning she gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Either it was something in the cookies or it was all of the stairs...
So far this morning I baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies (FF - of course) and watered the plants. But there's still a ton to do. Laundry, cleaning, showering, packing, getting dressed and of course - entertaining the Buzz-monster.
Shabbos should be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it!
 More on that tomorrow - or Sunday - or whenever it is that I get the chance...
(That's Z's face when I told him that I was going to sit down and blog...I think he wanted me to take care of the kid while he read trolled & scrolled through more Reddit threads.)

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