Saturday, August 18, 2012


Tiny monster has been a fussy monster for the last few days. We're pretty much convinced that he's grappling with some new big milestone. Who knows - maybe this week will be the week that he finally flips all the way from his back to his front (instead of lying on his side and kicking his legs while wailing.)
Shabbos was delightful here in The Middle of Nowhere (besides for the oppressive heat which sprung from seemingly nowhere and stuck around until after the sun had sunk behind the mountains.) It was a laughter and giggle filled weekend. Buzz happily sucked down some rice-cereal (for the first time) and devoured peas and carrots too. He was also very excited to drink water from a 'real' cup again - like the big people do! The kid is turning into the funniest little chub - he'll be getting weighed in about 2 weeks - and I wonder what the dr will say.
Buzz's 'evil' twin...
Today I managed to read most of the book 'Wicked' - I started it back when Buzz was born but had been procrastinating finishing it. I finally reached the thrilling conclusion. Just for the record - the witch dies. Ooops - spoiler alert. Funny thing is - after reading the book I basically wanted to break down in tears when Dorothy tried to put out the fire.
Oral fixation much?
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day - it's time to go through all of Buzz's clothes again. He's gotten too big to fit into a bunch of his outfits - so I've got to reorganize. I've also been toying with the idea of switching things around in the kitchen. I'm not sure if I'll manage to do that tomorrow too.
At least I managed to scrub and polish the kitchen counters and the stovetop yesterday before Shabbos. It's SO nice to go into a day of rest with a sparkling clean kitchen.
This last picture keeps making me laugh. I'm not sure if the face is saying, "Ima, I'm not such an octopus fan" or "this thing tastes funny!"

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