Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rice & Maple Syrup*

*Note about the title - That is actually what Z offered me for breakfast this morning. "That's what we have in the fridge" was his explanation when I raised my eyebrows and threw up a little in my mouth.

I should totally blog whenever I get the chance to take the time to use the bathroom. (Not that ~that~ happens often - well, not often enough anyway.) So I end up with a gazillion thoughts rushing through my head at high-speeds. Eventually they all collide and after an intense 10-15 seconds of painfully blinding pressure they all seem to implode and everything goes quiet - for about 20 seconds - then the process repeats. I'm typing this with a smile and also because it's what popped into my head when I sat down - so I figured that maybe I could forestall the inevitable...
I am sneezing from dust and my cheeks hurt from smiling. Yes - it's true. And I'd be tickled if that was the worst thing that I had to say about the last 2 days.
Yesterday morning I went out to run 2 errands. Simple errands. Pick up photos from photo-printing store (I sent them in digitally, checked to make sure that they were ready, got cheated out of free shipping but still agreed to pick them up in person) - all there was left to do was to pick them up. Then proceed to post office and mail with already prepared envelope. These simple errands took 2 trips to the photo store and 2 hours.
Part 1 - walk into store, stand on line with 30 other people in a shop the size of a broom closet, collect the envelope, pay, walk out of store.
Part 2 - power walk to the post office while getting 1 set of the photos out of the store-envelope and into the address ready-to-mail envelope.
Part 3 - arrive at post-office, take number, realize that there are 20 people ahead of me, mentally calculate that I will be waiting at the post-office for roughly 45 minutes, sit down, look through 2nd set of photos, realize that photos are covered in weird pink splotches and that the color is all off, get frustrated, quickly recover and open sealed envelope to check quality of contained photos, sigh with relief at having double-checked because the photos ~do~ indeed have splotches all over them, recalculate the time until my turn (a while but not long enough to get back to the photo store - deal with the issue - and get back to the post-office before missing my turn), wait another 15 minutes until my number is called, buy stamps, leave post office
Part 4 - dash (crazily & furiously) back to the printing store and enter
Part 5 - wait 10 minutes until the computer-illiterate guy and creepy-'stoner'-guy realize that there is a customer who is waiting
Part 6 - show them the garbage quality that they did and insist that they reprint, they insist (for about 3 ridiculous minutes that the photos look 'Great!'
Part 7 - wait over half an hour for 10 photos to be printed (while "they'll be ready in 5 minutes." is repeated at me over 2 dozen times.)
(Note: I was NOT smiling at this point.)
Back at Home I: Washed 2 loads of laundry, emptied then reorganized and finally refilled 4 cabinets in the kitchen, scrubbed down the mirpeset - including floor and enormous glass 'windows' on the 'railing', organized the living room table, insisted that the garbage get taken out, finished preparing the mango-baby-food in the freezer, fed baby, walked baby, shhushed and patted baby to sleep, bathed baby, got spit up on by baby, more baby-related-activities.
I also had a very pleasant experience with my internet provider - I'd been having some trouble but had no patience to sit on hold for ages waiting to get transferred to the correct service-rep - so instead I sent them a message on facebook. They got back to me within the hour and asked for a contact number. In under 15 minutes a service rep had called me and taken care of all of the issues! I was SO impressed.
Suffice it to say - I literally collapsed into bed at 10pm. Exhausted.
Thankfully(?) I was so tired that I didn't hear Buzz kvetch last night - except for once - and I ignored it - like a good mother. (Yes, yes - Z went to him - he'd lost his 'button')

This morning at 8:15 I woke up. I hadn't heard Buzz cry but Z was sleeping peacefully so I figured the baby was probably sleeping too. And he was. I guess he decided to sleep-in to make up for his shortened naps and sleepless night 2 nights ago.

He woke up in a superbly smiley and giggly mood. Z fed him while I finished organizing the very last kitchen cabinet. Not sure what else there is to do today - but I'm hoping to get some more stuff organized. (I'm doing my spring-cleaning now - since the weather is warm and I didn't get to do it before Pesach...)

If you are now sufficiently bored (of my droning and the gazillion photos) then check out this gem that I found last night - - turns out I know the author - which only made me laugh a little bit harder because I could imagine the stories 'in action' (though it also scared the pants off me - I mean, I've only been a mom for 4 months and she's been at it for 4 years...) From what I read - this blog will definitely get more interesting in the future.
And that's not really sand - it's how I've decided to disguise my organic brown (FF) cane sugar. I mean - now ~nobody~ will touch it - right...?

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